Review Windows Live Messenger 2009 and how to record MSN webcam

Discussion in 'Windows MSN Messenger' started by CCfruits, Jan 7, 2010.

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    Some days ago, Microsoft released the betas of the latest versions of its
    Windows Live Suite – dubbed “Wave 3â€, which will also encompass a huge
    redesign of all the entire Windows Live product line, online and offline. In
    this update, all of the Windows Live family components have had a redesign,
    but the biggest has had to be Windows Live Messenger 2009.

    Actually, the old versions of Windows Live Messenger or MSN, as most of us
    used to call it, has gained rich users through out the world. But, just like
    other software tools from Microsoft, they also bring much complaining. So how
    about the new Live Messenger? I just upgraded to the latest Windows Live
    Messenger today and I have to say, I'm pleasantly surprised with the major
    changes they have made with the UI and the features.

    This 14MB download took just a few minutes in my tests, though we had to
    proceed with care to prevent Windows Live Messenger from installing unwanted
    items, such as a desktop shortcut or Rhapsody music software. Once installed,
    Windows Live Messenger displays a drop-down menu of features along the top,
    contacts within the center pane, a search box on the bottom, and tabs for
    eBay, Rhapsody, and other services along the left. Microsoft fans will like
    the integration with MSN Spaces and the company's other properties. However,
    we wish we could hide the animated panel of ads at the bottom.

    Then I fantasized a while in the new features of Live Messenger 2009.
    Because I've been using Windows Live Messenger formerly MSN Messenger for
    over a more than 5 years, I found that now it really has developed into a
    fine messenger. After initial testing, I found very little to complain about;
    in fact, while I could spend an entire week talking about all the cool
    things, I decided to isolate my reviews on several to new cool features which
    make Windows Live Messenger 2009 better.

    New Vista style look of the main UI
    The main sign-in screen has a new clean look with warm colors. A clean and a
    well defined layout. Taking a page from Vista, Messenger 2009 features a
    brand new “glassy†look on all the client’s windows, helping it to mesh
    better with Microsoft’s latest OS. The crystal-cleanliness of the entire
    client gives the IM a sleeker look outside the original blue and green
    The background is now customizable, like it has been in MSN v8.5; but this
    time, you can add a preset theme, or “scenesâ€, or create your own with an
    image of your choice. As well, you have also the choice to mix and match the
    colors, with one can be the color for the header, and another can be for the
    color of the bottom part of Messenger. We suggest you stick with the same
    color for both, but this feature is pretty interesting.

    New contact organization and displaying
    The biggest out of the redesign is the contact list (see left). The entire
    thing has gotten a massive redesign, but still has not departed from the
    original idea that there should not be any menu bars.
    Before you start organizing your contacts into groups, be forewarned: the
    2009 Messenger experience is a little different from version 8.5. Now, your
    friends will go into “categories.†Meanwhile, you can pair different folks
    into “Groups†which help facilitate Messenger 9.0’s powerful new group chat
    feature. The development illustrates a strong commitment to streamlining
    communications and the group chat feature is no exception.
    We all have a small circle we talk to most on IM and now, Messenger 2009
    makes it easier to find them on our contacts list with the “favoritesâ€
    category. Organize this section at anytime; when your favorites sign-on,
    you’ll see them up top, front and center. Simple and effective.

    Another brand new thing is “Favoritesâ€, which allow you to make a list of
    “favorite†contacts. This, effectively, is not a new category, but just a
    section where you can drag and drop friends or family members that you like.
    As well, the Favorites section is given a different activity indicator
    setting, but you can change that as well.
    Customizable chat window

    Greatly improved video phone call
    Windows Live Messenger video call quality is better than ever. With the most
    recent Messenger release and a quality webcam, you can now experience a
    clearer, sharper picture with full-screen VGA video. True VGA video (640x480)
    is up to four times better resolution then prior solutions when switched to
    full screen. To experience a true VGA video call, you will need the latest
    version of Windows Live Messenger, a webcam, a PC with a dual core processor
    and broadband Internet connection.
    However, the evolution of Windows Live Messenger between 8.5 and 9.0 in
    terms of video call capabilities does not stop here. The instant messaging
    client now brings to the table superior connection time when users initiate a
    video call, as well as a video-centric interface available outside of full
    screen mode. Starting with version 9.0, Windows Live Messenger is now a part
    of Windows Live Essentials, a package designed to centralize all the
    components that have been separated from the Windows operating system.

    An interesting MSN webcam recorder for you
    The video call of Live Messenger has evolved to a new and higher level. But
    there is no recording function. It is really a pity, because so many users of
    MSN are eager to be able to record MSN webcam video and save on the PC. Here
    I would introduce a Third-Party software tool which could help you easily to
    achieve this objective.
    Camersoft MSN Video
    is a professional recorder software for Windows Live
    Messenger. It could record MSN webcam during video call with your friends or
    family and save as AVI video files on your PC or laptop.
    This MSN webcam recorder is very easy to use, only a few mouse clicks are
    needed to complete MSN recording work. In addition, the MSN video recorder is
    integrated with an advanced Video Converter component, which could be used to
    convert your videos, whether the recorded AVI or other videos like FLV, MP4,
    etc... to many formats and support rich portable players and mobile devices
    like: iPod, iPhone, BlackBerry, Zune and so on.
    It is very useful feature and I could convert the recorded files to my iPod
    and share with others, really very interesting and joyful.
    CCfruits, Jan 7, 2010
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  2. CCfruits

    nonedare Guest

    Windows Live Messenger 2009 sounds good, but can it be installed with Windows
    XP system? And how do I get there from a Windows Messenger 4.7?

    nonedare, Apr 5, 2010
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