RFC3596 support of Win.2000 DNS server - ip6.arpa reverse NOT supported by Win.2000-DNS

Discussion in 'DNS Server' started by RCATECH, Sep 26, 2004.


    RCATECH Guest

    Hi all,

    The officially adopted RFC for IPv6 reverse is RFC3596

    old RFCs
    RFC 1886 said that the IPv6 reverse resolution suffix is ip6.int.
    [win2000dns server is compliant, I've not tried Win2k3]

    RFC 3152 said that the IPv6 reverse resolution suffix is ip6.arpa.
    [win2003dns server is compliant]

    current RFC
    RFC 3596 says that the IPv6 reverse resolution suffix is ip6.arpa.
    [only win2003dns server is compliant]

    I've tried to create, in win2k DNS server,
    a reverse zone for IPv6

    Actually, there is no support for ip6.int zones under the reverse resolution tree.
    So I've created a direct resolution .ip6.int zone
    and magically is disappeared from direct res. and is appeared under reverse res. tree...

    So I,ve tried to create a reverse zone for RFC3596
    I've tried using the normal procedure (Create zone > Primary > ZoneName > New Zone File > failed! unable to create)
    and the file-driven procedure ((Create zone > Primary > ZoneName > Use that File > failed! unable to create)

    So, there are NO WAY to create a ip6.arpa zone in win2k dns server.

    I hope that Microsoft will (immediately) ASAP patch the win2k dns server
    enabling RFC3596 support for ip6.arpa reverse resolution zones

    RCATECH, Sep 26, 2004
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