Rip - 2 Different Album Titles, Same Artist, Same Songs In Same Or

Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by pinetreecc, Dec 27, 2007.

  1. pinetreecc

    pinetreecc Guest

    I've been trying for hours to get two CD's from the same artist, with the
    same songs to rip to my computer. The CD's have different names. This is
    not a "disk 1", "disk 2" issue. The artist re-released the first album with
    a totally different name. I can't get the media information and album art
    for both of the albums to display in the library. Both albums are listed in
    the database. When I select one the other disappears after ripping. I have
    tried manually changing the title of the first ripped album before ripping
    the second. No luck. My files are saved in first in an artist name folder
    then in an album folder. This artist has several albums which have been
    re-released with a different name. You may ask why I want duplicates? This
    artist has released many of his songs on many of his different albums. Using
    WMP I can see how many albums he has included a song on. So if you can help
    me I would appreciate it.
    pinetreecc, Dec 27, 2007
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  2. pinetreecc

    Dale Guest

    When all the content of the CD is the same from the original to the new
    album, there isn't much of a way to differentiate when searching the online
    CD database. I recently ran into that with several albums from The Steve
    Miller Band that were re-released with different names/different covers or
    with same name/different cover or even same name but with a second bonus disk.

    What I did to separate the old from the new was to manually edit the track
    and album information before ripping and then to scan my CD cover (which I
    always do anyway) and use that for custom album art.

    If you're trying to separate the old from the new by renaming the album
    folder only, you're not going far enough. Open the album in Advanced Tag
    Editor and change the album name there, as well as changing the folder name
    in Windows Explorer. Make sure you have the correct album art in the first
    album as well.

    The simplest way, though, if it works, is to click to Find Album Info before
    ripping. You should be able to choose the correct album and have that
    selection stick - I think. I haven't done that for a while because I never
    let Windows Media Player touch the Internet for obtaining information about
    my media collection.

    Dale, Dec 27, 2007
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