Riping wav and tagging wav files

Discussion in 'Windows Media Center' started by Audiophile, Mar 17, 2007.

  1. Audiophile

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    I am trying to build a library of my CD collection using WMP11 so I can use
    Media Center Edition as my music archive player. I have some 300+ cd's
    already riped to .wav files using J. River Media player on one of my hard
    drives. Since I did this before WMP had the ability to rip in wav. All of the
    file info ( albums,artist,etc...) was lost since J.River stored this info as
    a library data base file and I no longer use J. River's player. The files are
    however riped into folders by the path artist/album/songs so browsing via
    folders with wmp11 is productive hower this is not possible in media edition.
    I now have begun to rip new cd's to wav using WMP11. I am a purest and do not
    want compression. How is WMP11 so call taging the wav file? Is there a way to
    permantly tag the wav files I have already riped not using WMP11? I spend
    days updating and finding album info and art for all my files thinking WMP11
    tagged the files like it does when I rip a file. Then needed to reinstall my
    operating systems and as you guest all of my beautiful and accurate music
    library vanished. I would of backed-up the library data base file if I knew I
    needed to and knew what file to back-up. So does WMP11 attach meta data to
    the wav file when the file is riped but stores meta data in the library data
    base when you manually update media? Also all of my wav files have one
    folder.jpegs and three AlbumArt.jpegs but still no album art shows when I
    browse folders in WMP11. Why? Will upgrading to Vista improve any of this?
    Audiophile, Mar 17, 2007
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