RIS Client Install "inf file txtsetup.sif missing or corrupt"

Discussion in 'Windows Server' started by garytn9988, Feb 19, 2006.

  1. garytn9988

    garytn9988 Guest


    I have an Windows 2003 Server active directory acting as DNS. With a
    different acting as the DHCP and RIS server. I created a CDbased Windows XP
    Pro image Called "WinXP-Pro" using risetup on the RIS server. All the
    security was
    applied to allow for the Administrator to add new workstations to the Domain

    After completing the CD based image "WinXP-Pro", it was tested to ensure it
    was functional, it was.

    I created a fully configured Windows XP Pro image with SP2 and the latest
    patches called "RIS-XP2" using the Riprep.exe utility executed from the fully
    functional XP source client. The source image was successfully copied to the
    RIS server in the images directory called "RIS-XP2".

    After the image was copied. I tested the new image by executing the PXE boot
    sequence from the test client. After entering a valid account and password, I
    was able to select which image to download. The "RIS-XP2" image was selected
    and was successfully downloaded. I was only prompted for the following

    Full Name:

    1. Since I wanted to fully automate the "RIS-XP2" image install by not
    having to enter the Full Name, ORG & ProductID.

    I modified the riprep.sif located under the images\ris-xp2\i386\templates
    file using the setupmgr.exe utility.

    2. The values for fields Full Name:, ORG:, & ProductID: were entered using
    the setupmgr.exe utility and was saved.

    3. When testing the install again after making the change to the riprep.sif
    for image "RIS-XP2", I now get the following error after the Client Wizard
    information screen for the "RIS-XP2" image.

    "Inf file txtsetup.sif corrupt or Missing, file status 21
    Setup cannot continue. Press any key to exit"


    1. Any thoughts on way this is happening?
    2. Any thoughts on how to fix this problem without having to re-intiate
    another Riprep.exe image of the source?
    3. Is using the setupmgr.exe utility the best method to modify the
    riprep.sif file?

    Thanks for any help in this matter

    garytn9988, Feb 19, 2006
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