Roaming Profile Issues with IE8

Discussion in 'Server Security' started by Walt Hundleby, May 27, 2010.

  1. Hello
    We had 3 Terminal Servers, 2 with IE8 and one with IE7. All 3 TSes
    have UPHClean loaded and the enabled policy "Delete Cached copy of Roaming
    Profile when user logsoff". On the TSes with IE8 we noticed that the roaming
    profiles do not get completely deleted - all files get deleted but some
    folders with zero files get left behind. Thus we get many (sequenced)
    profiles for each user. So I rebooted both and cleaned out all the roaming
    profiles a few weeks ago only to find them re-appearing again. What a pain
    and what a mess.
    On one of the TSes with IE8 I rolled back to IE7 on May 18. There have been
    a number of users that have logged on and off multiple times since then and
    their roaming profiles have completely deleted. On the remain TS with IE8
    we are again getting incomplete deleteion of roaming profiles. So I think
    the solution to our problem is to roll back to IE7 but wondered if you were
    aware of this issue and if there is a hotfix for it. If you were not aware
    of this then I am willing to work with you on the TS with IE8 in an attempt
    to solve this problem as new errors are showing up in the event log of the TS
    rolled back to IE7. (I have over 36 years in IT, 21 years in a scientific
    organization where they tolerated experimenting and where I wrote a few
    patches for the CP-V OS ~25 years ago, another Dave Cutler OS prior to VMS.)

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    Walt Hundleby, May 27, 2010
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