RRAS LAN to VPN Client Connectivity?

Discussion in 'Windows Server' started by Mantis2k, Mar 12, 2008.

  1. Mantis2k

    Mantis2k Guest


    We have RRAS configured and working properly remote VPN clients can access
    all resouces on the LAN. However, we would like to be able to access the
    connected VPN clients from the LAN i.e. Open a remote desktop connection to
    the IP of a connect pptp client. Currently, we cannot ping the rras IP or
    the private IP of the remote client. Hope you can help!

    Mantis2k, Mar 12, 2008
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  2. Mantis2k

    Bill Grant Guest

    Are you sure that it isn't just a name resolution problem? Can you ping a
    client by its received IP address? If the client can ping LAN machine,
    routing must be OK.
    Bill Grant, Mar 13, 2008
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