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Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by Bont Raker, Mar 10, 2006.

  1. Bont Raker

    Bont Raker Guest

    I have been using RSS in my Mozilla browser for quite awhile. I like some of
    the options that IE is building in; however, I can't help to feel that some
    of the basics are missing.

    Refreshing a Feed
    I have found that the ability to refresh a feed is timid. This goes hand in
    hand with the ability to refresh a page. For example, sometimes I can right
    click a page and say refresh, and it doesn't apply my most recent changes
    that I have made. I then try to go to the address bar and hit enter after
    the address. This then, most of the time works. Ultimately, I can go to the
    browser memory and dump the temporary internet files, and then use the other
    2 techniques again to guarantee. It is ridiculous that one must go to such
    extremes to guarantee the integrity of their coding, wouldn't you think?

    RSS Organization
    During the course of testing my first RSS Feed, I put some dummy info in. I
    have since added more, and much to my surprise, the old items still show up,
    and in some kind of order in which it remembers past items? This is very
    odd. There needs to be a way to tweak or get rid of this.

    Temporary Internet Files
    You have taken such time to allow users the ability to delete all the
    different types of security/temporary files. How about a button to reset the
    RSS memory as well? This seems like a huge oversight taken that both of
    these were big sellers for the IE7.

    Overall look of the RSS
    The default viewing of the RSS feed in the browser is a little different for
    me. I like the idea; however, I don't believe it has been done justice. Why
    does it display so little. Is there a way to display the descriptions, etc?
    Where do we find this information?
    Bont Raker, Mar 10, 2006
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