Running multiple instances of an application

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by DocAtom, Feb 12, 2008.

  1. DocAtom

    DocAtom Guest

    I trade stocks with multiple brokers and therefore use multiple trading
    applications. Two of my brokers use the same trading software, InstaQuote.
    So it is necessary for me to run two instances of IQuote32.exe.

    This used to work on my old XP machine. On my new Vista 64 machine I can
    launch either version (they are branded so there is an obvious difference),
    but when I attempt to launch the second instance it just activates the first

    Is there a setting that I need to change? Surely this is not something that
    is no longer allowed! If I can't fix this quickly I will have to go back to

    DocAtom, Feb 12, 2008
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  2. Try running the second instance with admin credentials.
    Rightclick the Command prompt, click 'run as administrator', at the prompt

    start <path to app>

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    Mark L. Ferguson

    Mark L. Ferguson, Feb 12, 2008
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  3. DocAtom

    Rich Guest

    Try finding out from either vender if it has command line swithes and add
    what is needed to have two instances. It could be as simple as /m at the end
    of the shortcut run line. I know because this happened to me and the
    solution was so simple in the end.

    Good luck, Rich
    Rich, Feb 12, 2008
  4. DocAtom

    DocAtom Guest

    Well, it sounded BRILLIANT, but alas, it did not work. Thanks just the same.
    DocAtom, Feb 12, 2008
  5. DocAtom

    DocAtom Guest

    Good idea, I'm looking into it.
    DocAtom, Feb 12, 2008
  6. DocAtom

    DarkSentinel Guest

    If that doesn't work, try going into the folder for each and creating a
    shortcut on the desktop for each executable. I am running 3 instances of
    mIRC like this. Two for my bots, and one for my general chat.
    DarkSentinel, Feb 13, 2008
  7. DocAtom

    AlexB Guest

    This is what I would try.

    Create a duplicate folder for the second app. I mean you have to install if
    from scratch (zip file) but prior to that you should try to rename the first
    folder and the exec. I presume the folder is in Program Files. It is not
    easy in Vista but doable.

    Creating the second folder may be necessary if Vista does not allow you to
    create a second instance since both app will have to tap different
    databases. I do not know if it is acceptable for you or not? It may be
    something the logistic of your trading operations won't allow to happen. In
    this case it is just an idea to consider and discard.

    On top of creating the second folder with the exec under a different name
    you have to make sure that the ports for both instances ARE different.
    Usually the API vendor stipulates the port or the range of ports to be used.
    Usually a latitude of some variations is allowed. In quotetracker which I
    use ports 16039 and 16040 are the ports to use although the user may change
    that. If you are going to run two APIs at once then the port separation must
    be preserved.

    It is unclear how you are going to reconcile your separate but duplicate
    databases if it is important.

    Another option for you is to examine the options in your API if there is a
    switch to allow two instances running. My quotetracker is so complex if I
    need to activate a new function it is easier fro me to send them email than
    look for it myself.

    You can rename your IQuote32.exe in IQuote32first.exe.

    An idiotic thought. you've got a 32 bit app on 64 bit machine. is it
    possible that this does not allow you to launch the second instance? Perhaps
    there is a newer IQuote64.exe?
    Very, VERY unlikely.

    The third option is to consider running a virtual PC and you may have
    another instance in that separate virtual machine.
    AlexB, Feb 13, 2008
  8. DocAtom

    mmedved Guest

    1. Separate install in a separate directory
    2. ALLOWDUP command line parameter.
    mmedved, Feb 14, 2008
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