Running SQL Server 2005 Express on SBS Premium

Discussion in 'Windows Small Business Server' started by Keith-Earl, Dec 9, 2005.

  1. Keith-Earl

    Keith-Earl Guest

    We currently have SBS 2003 Premium. I checked the requirements and SQL
    Server 2005 Express will load on the server, but what are the limitations?

    I only want to host my own internal apps, but I do need to access them via
    the Internet using SSL. This is not a high volume site at all. Is this
    legal? Will having the Express version side by side with SQL Server 2000
    hurt anything?

    I do not intend to upgrade my SQL Server 2000 on that SBS Server since SBS
    requires it.

    Many thanks!

    Keith-Earl, Dec 9, 2005
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  2. The normal SQL2005 Express limitations will apply.
    You'd have to read the EULA for SQL 2005 Express. AIUI, SQL instances of
    2000 and 2005 are supposed to co-exist happily.
    You might want to simply build your application on SQL Server 2000. Fewer
    questions all round.

    One key question is not whether the application is internet-facing, but
    who might use it. If the only users are internal staff, they can be
    covered by SBS CALs (if using SQL Server 2000). Anonymous internet usage
    is also covered if you're using SQL Server 2000, and is ok if the EULA for
    SQL 2005 Express says so. Non-anonymous internet usage almost certainly
    requires CALs in either event.

    If you're desperate to build using SQL2005, you might want to wait for
    SBS2003 R2, which will include SQL Server 2005, Workgroup Edition (as of
    this time).
    Steve Foster [SBS MVP], Dec 10, 2005
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