safely remove hardware icon shows internal devices

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by Sheryl, Dec 5, 2007.

  1. Sheryl

    Sheryl Guest

    I just restored my Vista computer and now the safely remove icon is giving
    me the option to remove my hard drive plus my DVD drives and all three of
    them are internal devices.
    I thought this safely remove feature was just for external devices.
    Surprisingly enough, I also have a USB hub but that doesn't show up. Isn't
    that considered an external device?
    Is this icon backwards?
    Sheryl, Dec 5, 2007
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  2. It's because your various drives are SATA. Certain motherboards support
    hot-swapping of SATA devices which is why your hard drive and dvd drives
    show up on the safely-remove-hardware list. There's nothing wrong with
    it. :)
    David the Gnome, Dec 5, 2007
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  3. Sheryl

    Sheryl Guest

    I'm not sure what SATA means but the safely remove hardware device says
    they're all "SCSI."
    Is this something different from SATA or is it just another name for it?
    And why weren't they listed when Dell had to walk me through a restore once
    Did I do something wrong when I did the restore myself?
    Sheryl, Dec 5, 2007
  4. Some SATA (it's a way to connect the drives to the motherboard or controller
    card) controllers are designed to "show" as either an EIDE (often called
    PATA) or a SCSI device for backwards compatibility with older operating

    Sometimes there's are options in the BIOS to change this behavior. On my
    older computer using an Intel motherboard all my drives show up is EIDE
    drives in device manager, with no way to change it. I still get the
    performance of the SATA connector, but Windows thinks it's an older, PATA
    drive anyway.

    As to why your drives are showing up in the safely remove list now when it
    didn't before may be due to the system re-loading the drivers when you did
    the restore.

    If they are SATA, and hot swappable, this is a good thing. It's newer
    technology, will give you better performance, and if the need arise, you can
    remove the drive(s) (not the system drive though) without powering down the

    Michael Palumbo, Dec 6, 2007
  5. Sheryl

    Spanishcat Guest

    Mine are SATA, yet they too (HDD & DVD drive) weren't showing up with the
    remove dev option. It does scare me a little considering the only times that
    ever showed up was for a camera, card reader or mobile. I really don't like
    the idea of accidentally removing the HDD...
    The change occured after some updates and a sys restore. But other than me
    potentially doing something silly, it doesn't bother me.
    I'm curious though, what WOULD happen if I chose remove hard drive?
    Spanishcat, Dec 6, 2007
  6. If it's a secondary drive, it would simply flush the cache and the drive
    would become unavailable (Windows will simply wait for you to disconnect
    it). It may take a reboot to get it to "come back" as it were, but you
    would do no damage.

    If you try to remove the system drive Windows will inform you that the drive
    cannot be disconnected because it is in use. No matter how many times you
    try you will get the same result, it simply won't allow you to remove a
    drive that is in use and the system drive is ALWAYS in use. :)

    Michael Palumbo, Dec 6, 2007
  7. If any files are in use it will just say.. sorry can't do this try again
    If no files are in use it will unmount it and it will disappear from
    You won't be able to remove the system drive (usually C:) as it will have
    things like the swapfile and libs open.

    [email protected], Dec 6, 2007
  8. Sheryl

    Sheryl Guest

    Thanks for the reply.
    I posted this same question at the Dell site since my computer is a Dell and
    from what I understand, this icon is showing those drives because of a
    Nvidia driver.
    Sheryl, Dec 6, 2007
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