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Discussion in 'Windows Vista Installation' started by Chris K, Aug 7, 2010.

  1. Chris K

    Chris K Guest

    Just re-installed Vista and it needed couple drivers - 1 for my Radeon 1650
    SE video card and one for my M/Soft digital media 3000 keyboard

    I'm bit concerned about these drivers becoming obsolete (particularly the
    former) so I was wondering whether it's possible to save the drivers now for
    future install - the driver details document all the driver files &
    locations but not sure how to re-install - just drop them in the right

    It seems impossible to just download driver nowadays - it's either direct
    install only or part of 200,million gigabyte software install which i dont
    want on my machine
    Chris K, Aug 7, 2010
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  2. If the drivers become obsolete - it's time to move on - really. Since you
    can still download Windows 98 drivers from many manufacturer's web pages.

    Or is that the real issue here - you are not going to the manufacturer's web
    page for each hardware device to download the proper and latest drivers for
    your hardware?

    Did you visit here:
    ... for the ATI video card drivers?
    If so - did you then click on: Download Detail
    ("All Graphics - Desktop")??
    Then select your video card and OS combination using the pull-down menus?

    I would greatly suspect that through 2014+ - you will be able to do this.

    However - if you had done this - then you would have saved the file relevant
    to your OS already and known that once you saved that file - you had to run
    it to install it. So - logic says that if you save the downloaded file to
    some external media - you can keep it for as long as the media can be
    Shenan Stanley, Aug 7, 2010
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  3. Chris K

    Chris K Guest

    Thanks for link - I hadn't found that - did install it but it just confirmed
    my earlier statement - the install is 500 million gygabytes big, installs
    load software i dont need/want (porn sites, trojans etc) - seems to be some
    sort of download manager, prolly to make sure my PC is always kept up to
    date with latest viruses - but this is a first - after all that, it
    contained *no* video drivers (my original ATI driver is May 2008 and still
    is after install - god knows where Vista managed to find that on the web) -
    obviously i will uninstall that bloatware but no doubt most of it will
    continue infest my OS for ever more

    I supose the short answer is that i cant save a driver that's already
    installed - a new video card maybe
    Chris K, Aug 7, 2010
  4. The answer is, "Yes, you can save your drivers; but you have to actually
    download them."

    The thing you need to realize is that you probably have some generic driver
    installed by Windows Vista or one that ATI gave to Microsoft (actually
    probably paid Microsoft to take) who knows how many versions ago (the latest
    version should always be gotten from the manufacturer of the hardware
    device) to put on the Windows/Microsoft updates web page/functionality.

    You should *always* get your driver from the manufacturer. If you got the
    driver another way - including downloading from Microsoft - there's a
    possibility it is not the latest/most stable/best performing version.
    Also - Microsoft does not manufacture or directly support your hardware
    (other than maybe a keyboard/mouse/some other small peripherals.)
    Shenan Stanley, Aug 7, 2010
  5. Chris K

    Chris K Guest

    Actually meant save a driver that's already installed
    Nope - when Vista first installed it used generic driver (screen was crap) -
    i used "update driver" and after crawling the web for quite long time it
    downloaded the correct driver - albeit 2 years old

    As per your link - aint happening - i think the card is just too old and not
    supported beyond 2008 - but it works fine - would be nice to save it while
    I've got a driver *at all*
    Chris K, Aug 7, 2010
  6. <snipped>

    <entire conversation - archived indefinitely>
    </entire conversation - archived indefinitely>

    You didn't actually download/install the driver - Windows Vista found one in
    the Microsoft Updates database and installed it - probably a few versions
    behind the latest, so may not be as high-performing/as stable. So no - you
    cannot save that - and you probably would be better off replacing it from
    the actual manufacturer's web page (for the video card anyway - maybe they
    keep their own hardware drivers up to date in Microsoft updates... Maybe...)

    So, yeah - maybe _you_ cannot get the driver via the link I gave (yet - I am
    about to teach you how), but as for it "not happening"; here is the download
    links for the 32-bit and 64-bit Windows Vista drivers for your video card as
    you listed gotten to via the link I gave you earlier:

    32-bit Windows Vista:
    (just get the "WDM Integrated Driver" - unless you have some need for the
    full Catalyst software suite...)

    .... and for the 64-bit Windows Vista:
    (just get the "WDM Integrated Driver" - unless you have some need for the
    full Catalyst software suite...)

    Why the tinyurl versions of the links? The longer URLs even included
    spaces - makes them more difficult to post, sometimes other newsreaders will
    cut them off, etc; but it makes some feel better, so...

    32-bit Windows Vista Drivers for your ATI Radeon X1650 Series: Vista - 32-Bit Edition

    64-bit Windows Vista Drivers for your ATI Radeon X1650 Series: Vista - 64-Bit Edition

    See what I mean? Now you can save them.

    The 64-bit version is dated 2/23ish/2010 and the 32-bit version is dated the
    same. Although they are end-of-life products - the cances of AMD (who
    aquired ATI) getting them off their web pages until Windows Vista is no
    longer supported by Microsoft is slim. AMD does say they will not be
    producing Windows 7 drivers for them though.

    I'll walk you through it so you might learn something from all this and use
    it to get other drivers in the future.

    I gave you this link first:

    Under the "Graphics - Desktop" heading, the last in that list is "All
    Graphics - Desktop" and you click on that which takes you here: Download Detail

    There you select "Graphics Cards - Desktop", "Radeon X1650 series" and
    choose an operating system ("Windows Vista - 32-bit Edition" or "Windows
    Vista - 64-bit Edition" in your case, given what you have.) and click on
    "View Results". That will reload the web page with the appropriate link
    (see above) and I think (hope) you can get to it from there.

    You said you had the Radeon 1650 SE video card and M/Soft digital media 3000

    Let's round that off with the other driver you could not find so far for
    individual download...

    Visiting here:

    Gets me to here:

    Where I select "Keyboard", "Digital Media Keyboard 3000", "Windows Vista
    (32-bit only)", "English (US)" and click on "Go". It takes me to a link
    that has THIS link:
    Which is "IntelliType Pro 7.1 32-bit for Windows Vista"...

    If I change it up a bit and on the "Gets me to here" page I select
    "Keyboard", "Digital Media Keyboard 3000", "Windows Vista (64-bit only)",
    "English (US)" and click on "Go" - that takes me to a page with this link:
    Which is the "IntelliType Pro 7.1 64-bit for Windows Vista"...

    Come back - let everyone know if that helped. As you can see from the first
    part of this response - the conversation will be here long after the last
    posting. It might be good if someone came across it and got the help they
    needed from it - but they might trust it more if you came back at the end
    and said if it worked for you or not...
    Shenan Stanley, Aug 7, 2010
  7. Chris K

    Drew Guest

    Drew, Aug 7, 2010
  8. <snipped>

    <entire conversation - archived indefinitely>
    </entire conversation - archived indefinitely>
    And it is *still* wiser to get the drivers direct from the manufacturer when
    you can. And in this conversation is the way to do this in excruciating
    Shenan Stanley, Aug 8, 2010
  9. Chris K

    Chris K Guest

    that's the bloatware i've just installed from previous post (cut down WDM
    Integrated Drive) & uninstalled

    it's not a driver at all - it's some sort generic download manager - uses
    acres space, but does not (did not) update my video driver - in fact it
    makes no mention of drivers at all - no executable file once installed -
    presumably just runs in the background consuming processing time until it
    feels like downloading some virus or uploading my bank details - i just want
    the driver (no software) - but as already said - 99% of drivers now come
    'wrapped up' in load software and this is no exception - well except that it
    didn't even have a driver in it at all whereas most the crap i download at
    least come with the driver i want
    Chris K, Aug 8, 2010
  10. Chris K

    GSalisbury Guest

    Not meaning to step on anyone's toes but...
    I put "Save Installed Drivers for Vista 64" into a google search (remember
    our friend?) and the 1st hit was

    BooZet Freeware | Double Driver - backup and restore installed drivers

    Isn't that what you're looking for?
    GSalisbury, Aug 8, 2010
  11. So get the Catalyst driver and be selective about your installation instead
    of accepting the defaults.

    Package Includes:
    Display Driver
    Catalyst Control Center

    But that is the driver for your system. If you don't like the way it gets
    packaged - take it up with ATI (whom I would not recommend for much) and/or
    download the driver and package and rip what you want out of it/custom
    install it.
    Shenan Stanley, Aug 8, 2010
  12. Chris K

    Chris K Guest

    Tried all install options, neither update my video driver - was hoping it
    would eventually update my video driver so i can uninstall it afterwards -
    not blaming you, just explaining that 'just' downloading a driver is no
    longer possible - every/all drivers are now accompanied by lot software they
    know you dont want - this was rather an exception in that it didn't even
    include a driver

    which brings me nicely back to my title/opening question - can you save
    hardware drivers that are already installed - short answer is yes they can
    be saved but can they be reinstalled - that i will continue to persue
    Chris K, Aug 8, 2010
  13. Chris K

    Chris K Guest

    I've looked it over - I can already save driver components (they're listed
    in driver details) but I'm not sure if/how these can be re-installed - and
    booznet dont seem to mention this either

    = dont think it will do anything i cant do without it
    but thanks any how
    Chris K, Aug 8, 2010
  14. Downloaded the Catalyst software+Drivers package...
    Used 7-Zip to unpack it to a directory...
    Found the drivers here: \$_OUTDIR\Packages\Drivers\Display (from that
    subdirectory of the directory where I extracted the full software drivers.)
    Shenan Stanley, Aug 8, 2010
  15. Chris K

    Chris K Guest

    I installed full 'blown' package (took longer than MS Office professional -
    god knows what it's done) and this time it did update my driver - then I
    uninstalled the software but it un-installed the driver too

    Downloaded 7-Zip - extracted the driver only - installed it half way where
    upon it insists on installing all the trojan software - scrapped the idea

    The old driver will last until my next OS install and I'll buy new graphics
    card - one that is properly supported - praying that nobody will ever buy
    ATI card - ever!

    Cheers anyhow
    Chris K, Aug 8, 2010
  16. Chris K

    Michael Guest

    Either you need a real education on drivers and computers or you're a total
    a$$hole. I'm betting the latter.
    Michael, Aug 8, 2010
  17. Chris K

    GSalisbury Guest

    From your original post:
    " I was wondering whether it's possible to save the drivers now for
    future install..."
    From Double Driver:
    "Backup drivers from current Windows"
    "Restore drivers from previous backup"
    Isn't that what you originally asked for?
    No DD won't seek out a new driver for you but once you have what you want it
    can save it/them for later use.
    I've used a similar product on XP but never looked for a Vista product until
    your post.
    I downloaded it and ran the dd.exe from the zip file.
    I selected All and the default structured output and got 500+ "drivers" in
    60+ meg.
    Obviously I'd want to get that on an external backup as well.
    I'm satisfied it would restore one if I chose/needed to.
    Something to consider.
    GSalisbury, Aug 9, 2010
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