SBS 2000/3 with additional Server 2000/3

Discussion in 'Windows Small Business Server' started by Deano, Jun 25, 2004.

  1. Deano

    Deano Guest

    I'm current overseeing a project which I may need 2
    Servers. I will require a SBS server but would like an
    additional Apps Server, either 2000/3. My main question
    is concerning email. Is it possible to have people
    connected to the standard 2000/3 Server have mail accounts
    on the SBS Server so they have email facilities.

    Also is it possible to have the 2000/3 Standard Server on
    the same network as the SBS Server
    Deano, Jun 25, 2004
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  2. Deano

    WK Guest

    In a word Yes.
    WK, Jun 25, 2004
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  3. Something to consider..if they have SBS 2000 and want to add a server.. then
    if they were to add a Windows 2003 server as a member server.. the Client
    Access Licenses (CALs) needed to access it would not be covered by the SBS
    2000 server.. however, it would if you were to add a Windows 2000 member
    server.. (in any case it does not cover the Server license).. There's a
    whitepaper available to help adding a member server to SBS 2000..

    Adding a Server to Your Existing Small Business Server 2000 Network

    Administration (an SBS 2000 site)

    If you have SBS 2003 then the SBS CALs would cover file/print access to a
    Windows Server 2003 or 2000 server.. See the following for more info..

    Q. What number and types of servers can exist in the Windows Small
    Business Server 2003 domain?

    A. There are no limits on the number or type of servers that can exist
    in a Windows Small Business Server 2003 domain, with the following

    . Only one computer in a domain can be running Windows Small
    Business Server 2003.

    . Windows Small Business Server 2003 must be the root of the
    Active Directory forest.

    . Windows Small Business Server 2003 cannot trust any other

    . A Windows Small Business Server 2003 domain cannot have any
    child domains.

    . Each additional computer running Windows Server 2003 must have
    a Windows Small Business Server 2003 client access license (CAL).

    . A Windows Small Business Server 2003 domain can have no more
    than 75 CALs. You can use CALs for each user or for each device.


    Hope that helps,
    David Copeland
    Microsoft Small Business Server Support

    This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.

    SBS v4.x : microsoft.public.backoffice.smallbiz
    SBS 2000: microsoft.public.backoffice.smallbiz2000
    SBS 2003:
    David Copeland [MSFT], Jun 25, 2004
  4. Deano

    Deano Guest

    Thanks for help

    Will read these papers to day

    Much appreciated
    Deano, Jun 28, 2004
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