SBS 2000 + ISA 2000 + ICW

Discussion in 'Windows Small Business Server' started by TOM, Jul 13, 2004.

  1. TOM

    TOM Guest


    I have this problem: server SBS 2000 2x netcards

    First netcard (inter)
    IP -
    Subnet -
    DNS -

    Second netcard
    IP 1 - 62.168.x.x - our public
    IP 2 - (IP our provider - we are using wireless connection)
    Both subnet
    Gateway -
    DNS - our provider

    I run Internet connection wizard. Now I can send/recieve emails, ping
    everywhere (for example but I cant
    view internet pages. IE said something like: Cant download data through

    I think ICW set something wrong in ISA. So can you hlep me?

    Thanks TOM.
    TOM, Jul 13, 2004
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  2. TOM

    Matt Gibson Guest

    Hi Tom!

    First of all, BOTH nics should be poingting to your internal IP for DNS
    resolution. You should put your ISP's DNS providers in your DNS Forwarders

    Your main problem seems to stem from the fact that you've got two public
    IP's linked to your external address. I'm confused as to why you have two
    of them. Can you elaborate on why you also need the 62.X.X.X address?

    ISA may be sending out it's requests over the 62 address instead of the 172
    address, which would explain the Gateway errors you're seeing.

    Matt Gibson, Jul 13, 2004
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  3. TOM

    TOM Guest


    Ill try to explain:

    now we have server SBS 4.5 + with one NIC(IP are and 62.168.x.x)
    then we have router-gateway (linux-belongs ISP) with 2 NICs: first (gateway) second

    Email (MX) is fowarded to our IP ( 62.168.x.x) and when we want
    use internet we used and proxy our ISP

    Now I am installing new server SBS 2000, I have 2 NICs and I thought I can
    disconect this router and evrything set in SBS.
    But looks like my setting is wrong. So can you help me?

    I thought I need our public IP set in external NIC. Thats said our ISP
    (maybe he hasnt got enough knowledge).
    Now I think this settings is good:

    and our ISP had to rout our public IP to, but he said that cant

    Many Thanks
    TOM, Jul 14, 2004
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