SBS 2003's w3wp.exe error with an app consulting SQL server

Discussion in 'Windows Small Business Server' started by rsk1977, Sep 11, 2013.

  1. rsk1977


    Sep 11, 2013
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    hi everyone!

    there is this server with SBS 2003 running as SQL server (2000) and IIS to publish our local website, time to time one of the users can't get to his "to do" list of records, the process w3wp.exe starts eating the memory until crashing all access to the website.

    as I told, only happens to one user (3 different users until now) at any date/time and once it auto repairs it doesn't happen again in a long time. meanwhile the other users have no problems accessing the website (while the affected doesn't log and opens his "to do" list)

    I tried every solution posted in the web, please help me.
    rsk1977, Sep 11, 2013
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