SBS 2008 - Exchange problems - A lot of mail, receiving problems

Discussion in 'Windows Small Business Server' started by GTP, Mar 8, 2009.

  1. GTP

    GTP Guest

    I set up the user in his Outlook to he can connect to the server. (used sbs08
    instructions from RWA to set up email in Outlook) I transfered all of his
    emails in his pst file to his mailbox file.

    The guy has some 4000 deleted items, and another 4000 sent emails, and then
    of course folders, inbox, etc which didn;t have nearly as many as the deleted
    and sent items.

    When receiveing it was taking very long so I created a new profile and
    syncronized with the server last night and let it run through this morning
    synchronizing all folders and emails.

    This morning I noticed on his outlook that there was only around 1/2 of the
    files in his del, sent, and inbox. I went to RWA and logged into his mail and
    saw the same in his outlook on the server.

    I increased his mail sizes on the server, but it still takiong so long to
    receive and I don't know if I should cerate another profile or not since it
    will take hours to synhronize and all the data isn't there anyway.

    What should I do? Do most people have tuis much emails, I don't?
    GTP, Mar 8, 2009
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  2. Why did you bring those in?
    What's the size of the PST file? It can take a while for everything to sync
    to the offline folder. Don't create new profiles; that will only delay
    things further.

    I don't usually bring over *everything* people have. I bring in contacts,
    calendar, tasks, notes, saved/custom folders, and some subset of inbox &
    sent items. They can keep the PST file for old crap. I would never bring in
    deleted items - I set up Outlook to empty that folder on close w/o
    prompting. Deleted Item Retention will make users feel more comfortable with
    this. People should be trained not to use Deleted Items as a storage
    location. It's like putting your grandfather's gold watch in the wastebasket
    in your office. Sooner or later someone will empty that.
    Lanwench [MVP - Exchange], Mar 8, 2009
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