SBS2003 Backup Wizard, tape changer reminder email address, can I add another email address or is it

Discussion in 'Windows Small Business Server' started by Derek, Jun 16, 2008.

  1. Derek

    Derek Guest

    Dear Group,

    SBS2003 Backup Wizard has 1 user I can select from the user drop down list
    for the reminder email "change the backup tape" which is then sent to this
    person at the selected time. Can I add another email address to this list?

    It's a small family business and sometimes some of them will not be there,
    so I want it to go to the 2 or 3 most likely to be there. They are new to
    this so it's to remind them until they get into the habit of doing it.

    Thanks to you all.
    Derek, Jun 16, 2008
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