SBS2003 Premium - SQL installation for a SQL novice......

Discussion in 'Windows Small Business Server' started by Tim, Jul 12, 2004.

  1. Tim

    Tim Guest

    SBS standard is now installed and working fine with one user and computer
    (thanks Les Connor for your procedure:))

    I'm going to install the premium technologies next before adding any more
    users and computers.

    I want to be clear on how SQL interacts with MSDE before I go any further.

    Clearly installing SQL does not overwrite or upgrade MSDE. However I do have
    the option of upgrading the MSDE instances (it's a bit confusing)

    There are two MSDE instances running - SHAREPOINT and SBSMONITORING

    The advice seems to be to upgrade the SHAREPOINT instance but not the
    SBSMONITORING instance. Why is this?

    I also have several Access databases which would probably be better off
    running as SQL databases (I'll migrate them later on).

    So I need to install a local instance of SQL (for the migrated Access DB's)
    and upgrade the SHAREPOINT instance?

    At the end of the exercise then I will have

    SQL instance (local) - will be used for migrated Access databases
    SQL instance (sharepoint)
    MSDE instance (sbsmonitoring)

    Is this correct?

    Will the SQL instances conflict with the MSDE instance??

    Kind Regards

    Tim, Jul 12, 2004
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  2. No, the SQL instances will not kill the MSDE instances unless you ask it to
    during the install. Personally, I leave the SBSMONITORING and SHAREPOINT
    alone running on MSDE. You can see and manage them from the Enterprise
    Manager if you feel masochistic enough to do so.
    Karl Middleton, Jul 13, 2004
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  3. Tim

    Tim Guest

    Thanks Karl

    SQL installation went fine. I decided to upgrade the SHAREPOINT instance
    because I'll need to use the full text search engine. There will be upwards
    of 4 years worth of photos available on the sharepoint site.

    I've left SBSMONITORING on MSDE.

    Kind Regards

    Tim, Jul 14, 2004
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