SBS2008 Backup fails - unknown error (0x800423f4) on sbs2008

Discussion in 'Windows Small Business Server' started by EnderWiggins, Apr 28, 2010.

  1. EnderWiggins

    EnderWiggins Guest

    This seems to be a very common problem, but no one seems to have a "clean"
    solution. I have it on 2 out of the box installations, and one poster says
    he has it on 5 machines.

    Trying to use the wizard based backup in the Windows SBS Console. It fails
    Backup unsuccessful
    A Volume Shadow Copy Service operatoin failed. Unknown error (0x*00423f4)

    The problem is with the SqlServerWriter. If I disable the service "SQL
    Server VSS Writer" the backup completes successfully. As soon as it is
    re-enabled the same failure re-occurs.

    "vssadmin list writers" gives the following after a failure:

    Writer name: 'SqlServerWriter'
    Writer Id: {a65faa63-5ea8-4ebc-9dbd-a0c4db26912a}
    Writer Instance Id: {4a86f412-7635-4af7-9f7f-e43d60b798ed}
    State: [8] Failed
    Last error: Non-retryable error

    Some of the fixes I found suggest making your system volume active, but
    state that this may make your system unbootable (?!).

    One last piece that may be relevent. Both of my systems have dynamic drives
    that are mirrored in Disk Managemment.

    This is obviously a problem with SBS2008. Could someone at Microsoft please
    explain a clean fix? Thank you!
    EnderWiggins, Apr 28, 2010
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  2. I had a very similar problem and was working through it with Microsoft
    partner support, until I sent them the logs and the found out we have SBS
    running under VMware ESXi.
    You can view the support thread here:

    The workaround I had was to stop the services associated with SBS backup and
    re-register the dll's. This worked but the problem recurred after a restart.

    I was working on a separate problem, also common with SBS 2008. This was
    that the Network Service Account was being used for the SharePoint Search
    Service and Content Access. This is the SBS 2008 default but it is an
    incorrect configuration (AFAIK).

    I configured new accounts for these two services and my SharePoint Search
    errors went away and, unexpectedly, so did my SBS Backup VSS issue.

    Which is logical if you think about it. The backup error is with the
    SqlServerWriter. SharePoint runs on SQL so if SBS Backup is attempting to
    read the SharePoint SQL database but does not have adequate permissions to
    do so it is going to fail.

    I'm sure there is much more to it but I have not seen this SBS Backup error
    since I re configured the SharePoint Search service accounts.


    Simon Thomson, May 6, 2010
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