scavenging not working on an 'old' zone

Discussion in 'DNS Server' started by Blake, Jun 3, 2008.

  1. Blake

    Blake Guest

    I have inherited this infrastructure, so be kind...

    My AD integrated DNS has many zones, some records have date stamps that go
    back to 2001. I have enabled scavenging on one zone with the default of
    7/7, but it never removes any old records (the ones with date stamps that
    are years old, for example).

    I have read online that scavenging will only work on records that are
    created after scavenging is enabled, but it was just a discussion group and
    not any MS 'approved' site. I am running the scavenging on a 2k3 DC/DNS
    box, but a couple of the DCs are still 2k (until next week) - if that is a

    Blake, Jun 3, 2008
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  2. Hi Blake,

    When did you enable Aging on the zone? Before Scavenging can run against a
    zone a full Refresh Interval must pass, in your case that means the zone
    won't Scavenge until 7 days after you enabled Aging.

    To check whether records can be scavenged at all, select View \ Advanced,
    then open the properties for a record. It'll have a tick box stating whether
    or not it can be removed (as well as the Time Stamp).

    There's no further limitation on what can be scavenged, it's certainly not
    restricted to records added after Aging is enabled.
    Chris Dent [MVP], Jun 4, 2008
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  3. Blake

    Blake Guest

    Thanks for your reply, Chris.

    I enabled scavenging several weeks ago. This zone IS set to scavenge (I
    double-checked) and it is set to 7/7 for no-refresh/refresh intervals.

    For example, the PTR record I am looking at now has the 'delete this record
    when it becomes states' box ticked, and the record time stamp reads
    11/19/2001 10:00:00 AM. To my way of thinking, this record would get
    deleted during the next scavenge.

    Blake, Jun 4, 2008
  4. Yeah, it certainly should. What happen when you run Scavenging?

    Presumably you've set the scavenging period to 1 day or something similar?

    Chris Dent [MVP], Jun 4, 2008
  5. Blake

    Blake Guest

    I think you are on to something, my friend. Again, this is an inherited
    system... :( I would have set server-wide scavenging long ago...

    I need to set the scavenging period at the SERVER level, yes? (simply
    enabling the ZONE for scavenging isn't enough)

    If I enable this at the SERVER level, it will only scavenge the zones that
    are set for such, correct? (that is why I wasn't even looking at the server
    settings, I'm trying to do this a zone at a time)

    Blake, Jun 4, 2008
  6. Ahh makes sense :)

    Yep, Scavenging intervals are set on the server level (advanced properties).
    I generally recommend that it's set to a 1 Day period.

    Enabling it on the server level just tells the process to run. The process
    only has permission to execute against the zones you've explicitly enabled
    Aging / Scavenging on.
    Chris Dent [MVP], Jun 4, 2008
  7. Blake

    Blake Guest

    Thanks Chris - I'll let you know the outcome

    Blake, Jun 4, 2008
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