Search Function flaws?

Discussion in 'Windows Vista File Management' started by sherlock, Mar 19, 2007.

  1. sherlock

    sherlock Guest

    I am writer and I have been happily using the Search function in Windows XP
    to find every instance of say the name "Jacob Riis" in my hundreds of WORD
    2002 documents. For instance, I do the search on my old XP machine and get 71
    hits (great for building the character). I do the search over the same files
    on VISTA and I get 10 hits. I have tried the little search box, the Advanced
    search. I have said to include non-indexed. I have included Text in the file.
    I have indexed the directory, I have rebuilt the index. I have checked the
    Attributes for the Word files, and they allow archiving and indexing.

    Is there any help or a fix for this?

    Thanks, author of "History Laid Bare", etc.
    sherlock, Mar 19, 2007
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  2. sherlock

    dean-dean Guest

    You may have already been down this road, but there's the "Search" tab when
    you click on Control Panel (Classic View) > Folder Options, which has What,
    How, and When search options.
    dean-dean, Mar 19, 2007
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  3. sherlock

    sherlock Guest

    thanks for the tip but it turns out that the index just needed more time...
    now it works fine on day five of owning the computer. it did not work before.

    My new headache is that the D/Recovery drive says it has used up its 6 GB (C
    has 320GB) and I have never filled D with anything on purpose. Very annoying
    that an automatic Vista function could cause me to have to do drive
    maintenance on day five. I compressed D and that has given me 250MB free but
    I assume it will happen again.
    sherlock, Mar 21, 2007
  4. sherlock

    dean-dean Guest

    Yes, the Indexer has to have had your computer running for a certain amount
    of time to complete its initial Index. To know the status of the Index you
    can go to Control Panel (Classic View) > Indexing Options, and look at the
    top of the window.

    Your recovery drive D, I assume, is the OEM drive to restore your Computer
    to its original, factory default state, should disaster strike, or some
    other need arise. It's not a function of Windows Vista (i.e., Windows
    doesn't add to it, or maintain it in any way, except point to it as a fact
    of your computer). In other words it's static, and yes, pretty much full (6
    GB sounds normal), only containing files to restore your computer, a lot of
    them, I daresay, already compressed. Given the size of your hard drive,
    more compression isn't necessary; I would probably leave it alone. It may
    have a relatively small amount of unused real estate, but yes, Vista will
    report it as pretty much full. Don't add to it, or subtract from it; it's
    best considered out of bounds.

    Vista does maintain a hidden folder on your C drive (called System Volume
    Information), for it's own restore functions, and it is not static.
    dean-dean, Mar 21, 2007
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