Search misses words that are in Outlook email

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by gahoman, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. gahoman

    gahoman Guest

    When I search for an emails in Outlook containing certain word, an email
    containing that word does not come up. If I search under other words in the
    email, the email does come up. Other emails containing the word do come up.
    When I search for the word in the general Vista search box (Windows Key +
    F), the email does not come up either.

    This problem has gone on for several days. So it's not that Vista has not
    had time to fully index the email. Also, I've had this problem occasionally
    before. It's quite frustrating to not be able to find an item that you know
    you have. Thanks.
    gahoman, Aug 31, 2008
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  2. Mark L. Ferguson, Aug 31, 2008
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  3. gahoman

    gahoman Guest

    I am the author of the question. Thanks, Mark, for explaining why this may
    happen. Is their anyway around this problem? If I'm looking for one email
    out of a 1,000, I can't very well paste all my emails into Notepad or better

    I did paste the problem email into Notepad, and did the Find command.
    Notepad wasn't able to find the problem word either. However, when I pasted
    the email into Word, the Find command worked fine: it located the problem

    Perhaps this is just a shortcoming in the Vista indexing system, and there
    is no workable solution.
    gahoman, Aug 31, 2008
  4. Well, bug<>feature. If an adobe document were used as a mail format, much
    like word formatting, the search would fail also. The search expects the
    mail filetype to be either text or HTML. You could try saving all the mail
    as those instead, to make them searchable. Of course, that would lose all
    that fancy formatting of Word docs.

    Please use the Communities guidelines when posting.
    Use the "Ratings" feature. It helps the new users.
    Mark L. Ferguson MS-MVP
    Mark L. Ferguson, Aug 31, 2008
  5. gahoman

    Ringmaster Guest

    One solution for email would be to use a better news reader email
    client. Agent, which I've used for years supports advanced global
    searching of received/sent emails easily finding any text in all
    folders or some specific folder used to sort your email.

    In brief, assuming you know what you're looking for is in a email
    message, you would simply open Agent, set it to look for a word or
    expression then wait while a list is built. I just tested it looking
    at 3409 email messages it found 645 instances of a word I know appears
    in many in under 20 seconds building a clickable list of each email
    that contained the word.

    One problem with Vista's search abilities is it makes one of two
    fundamental errors either looking in too many places, like including
    system files and folders you would never store your data in or it
    doesn't look in enough places unless you take the time to set up
    advanced search to teach it some smarts. Again, as it almost always
    is, poor design, clumsy controls and lax implementation are the
    hallmarks of Microsoft software.
    Ringmaster, Aug 31, 2008
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