"Search results may be incomplete .... items still being indexed"

Discussion in 'Windows Vista File Management' started by Wendell Ying, Feb 15, 2008.

  1. Wendell Ying

    Wendell Ying Guest

    This may have been covered in a another post somewhere but could not (easily)
    find anything relevant. I am running Outlook 2007 on Vista Enterprise; the
    index is completely rebuilt but I still get this message in the Outlook
    Search results box when searching my inbox. Strangely enough this was working
    for some time now but started to see this error over the past few days. Clues?
    Wendell Ying, Feb 15, 2008
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  2. Wendell Ying

    R. C. White Guest

    Hi, Wendell.

    Building the index is not a "once done it's forever" kind of job. Every
    time we save a new file - intentionally or automatically - the index must be
    updated to include the new item. Deleting files also require the index to
    be updated to remove those files. And since the index-building runs as a
    background task, it can take a long time to do the update if the computer is
    kept busy all day and turned off quickly after the workday.

    Have you moved a lot of files recently? Either into this computer, or out
    of it, or from one folder to another? Maybe you just need to give the
    machine some "down time" to let the Indexing Service catch up.

    R. C. White, CPA
    San Marcos, TX

    Microsoft Windows MVP
    (Running Windows Live Mail 2008 in Vista Ultimate x64 SP1)
    R. C. White, Feb 15, 2008
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