Security Update for SQL Server 2000 Service Pack 4 (KB948110) fail

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by Eric H, Jul 9, 2008.

  1. Eric H

    Eric H Guest

    Security Update for SQL Server 2000 Service Pack 4 (KB948110) will not
    install. I have tried to install it 8 times and it fails every time. I have
    rebooted multiple times and it still fails. After failing, the Microsoft
    Update Icon reappears notifying be of an update to install.

    Running XP Pro with all updates to date (except this one).
    Eric H, Jul 9, 2008
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  2. Eric H

    INO Guest

    I am having the same problem with SQL Server 2005 service Pack. Everytime
    I've tried to install it - it says "some items could not be stalled". If you
    get any suggestions could you pass them on? Thanks. INO
    INO, Jul 9, 2008
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  3. Eric H

    Matt K. Guest

    I am having the identical problem with this update install failing on my

    I have another computer in the house which also received this morning's set
    of updates -- but KB948110 is not in the list of installed updates -- and so
    it did NOT fail. Why are some computers in my house getting this update --
    and some are not?

    Matt K., Jul 9, 2008
  4. Eric H

    Jimmy Guest

    Same problem here...add me to the list
    Jimmy, Jul 9, 2008
  5. Eric H

    Bill M Guest

    Same problem. I'm getting a 0x643 error message. Have tried the cumulative
    hotfix "SQL2000-KB916287-v8.00.2187-x86x64-ENU.exe" but continue to have
    problem. The Update Icon is starting to become very annoying...
    Bill M, Jul 9, 2008
  6. Eric H

    pcoats Guest

    This update is also trying to install where an SQL 2000 database once was. I
    have 2 servers that had MSDE and SQL 2000 on them at one time and has since
    been removed. This update is still trying to install but is failing.
    pcoats, Jul 10, 2008
  7. Eric H

    ClausN Guest

    Same problem.
    W2K3 Server R2 E x64 E SP2.
    No problems with updates until now.
    Installing SQL2000-KB948110-v8.00-x86x64-ENU.exe seems to work.
    Manually installed updates does not affect Windows Update History.
    Perhaps there is a trick to tell Windows Update about manually installed
    Querying Add/Remove Programs tells me about 2 SQL-Hotfixes:
    Hotfix 1101 for SQL Server 2000 x64 ENU (KB913100)
    Hotfix 2050 for SQL Server 2000 ENU (KB948110)
    May be the Windows Update symbol in the task bar will leave when you
    deselect the update within Microsoft or Windows Update. But in my
    opinion it is not a correct solution, only for the systems which do not
    need the patch (see other answer within this discussion).

    Sorry about my plain english

    Claus N.
    ClausN, Jul 10, 2008
  8. Ditto
    theloniouscoltrane, Jul 10, 2008
  9. I have the same problem. I do not see a solution posted.
    Leo the Lionhearted, Jul 10, 2008
  10. keep reading...
    PA Bear [MS MVP], Jul 10, 2008
  11. Eric H

    PsychBiller Guest

    I just spent 3 hours on the phone with Microsoft tech support t
    resolve this

    The patch installation uses the SQL SA user, which has sysadmin
    privileges. If you download and attempt to install the patch manually
    you get a dialog box where you are asked to enter the S

    My SQL Server 2000 installation is the MSDE version bundled int
    a commercial product. The developers of the product will not tell th
    purchasers what the SA password is, and for good reason. Users coul
    do some serious damage to the product's underlying database

    If you don't know the SA password, what can you do

    The manual installation gives you the option of logging on with
    Windows Authentication instead. It will look in the SQL installation t
    see if your Windows user ID has SQL sysadmin privileges. My user I
    has Windows Administrator privileges, so it is automatically include
    in the SQL "BUILTIN\Administrators" group. But the developers of th
    commercial product had removed sysadmin privileges from the SQ
    "BUILTIN\Administrators" group as another way to protect th

    The Microsoft rep used the OSQL utility, available even in the
    MSDE version, to logon to the server with my Windows user ID. Th
    command for that is


    Next, we looked for SQL users that had sysadmi

    1> exec sp_helpsrvrolemember 'sysadmin
    2> g

    I was very, very lucky that the list returned by this comman
    included another user I recognized as part of the commercial product,
    AND I knew how to get the password for it. By the way, "exit" is how t
    get out of the OSQL utility

    We logged back on to the server with OSQL using that SQL user I


    Now we could give my Windows user ID the sysadmin privilege (th
    single quotes are required)

    1> exec sp_addsrvrolemember
    2> g
    ''COMPUTER-NAME\WindowsUser' added to role 'sysadmin'

    Finally, we ran the patch installation again and this time, jus
    clicked Next to accept the default authentication, which is Windows
    not SQL. It worked! The patch installed. No special command lin
    switches were necessary; I just typed the name of the file

    I didn't want to leave that security window open, so I used OSQ
    to remove the sysadmin privilege from my Windows user when I wa
    finished (the single quotes are required)

    1> exec sp_dropsrvrolemember
    2> g

    I haven't had good experiences with Microsoft support in th
    past, but this representative did an excellent job. He was located i
    India, but his English, troubleshooting skills, and product knowledg
    were refreshingly good. And he used his real name
    PsychBiller, Jul 11, 2008
  12. Eric H

    shoneinc Guest

    I also have the same problem. No solution is posted.
    shoneinc, Jul 13, 2008
  13. Eric H

    PsychBiller Guest

    PsychBiller, Jul 13, 2008
  14. Eric H

    shoneinc Guest

    I didn't try as I have no idea what "patch installation you sugested let
    alone a request for the SQL SA user, which has sysadmin privileges. If you
    download and attempt to install the patch manually, you get a dialog box
    where you are asked to enter the SA password."
    shoneinc, Jul 13, 2008
  15. Eric H

    Benny's Dad Guest

    My experience is same as Ric H. I don't talk technical shorthand. At this
    point I just want the Update Icon to go away until MS sends a fix that works
    without operator intervention.
    Benny's Dad, Jul 14, 2008
  16. Eric H

    shoneinc Guest

    Yes – I am in total agreement with Benny’s Dad.
    shoneinc, Jul 14, 2008
  17. Eric H

    Kodiak_ABA Guest

    Has anyone come accross a FIX for installing SQL Server 2000 Service Pack 4 (KB948110)?
    Kodiak_ABA, Jul 15, 2008
  18. While I appreciate the work that PsychBiller did in transcribing his fix, he
    could have said in Romanian and it wouldn't have been any more difficult to

    Is there anyone out there who knows the solution and can explain it to
    theloniouscoltrane, Jul 15, 2008

    I got a hold of someone at Windows Live One Care and approached it as I
    didn't like the fact that my One Care sign was showing I needed to do an

    I use XP SP2. He figured out the problem immediately. Unless you have the
    business system or Win 2000, this update doesn't apply. The SQL server is
    something the rest of us don't even have.

    So, you click on the warning thing in your systray and when it comes up,
    pick advanced. On the following page, you'll see the program it wants to
    install. Uncheck that. Then I can't remember if it pops up later or if
    there's another check box, but you'll get a question along the lines of Do
    you want to... or maybe its a box that says Don't remind me. Anyway something
    that gives you the option of saying don't ever tell me I have to install this
    up date again. Click out and you're done.
    theloniouscoltrane, Jul 15, 2008
  20. Eric H

    mandoXXXFoo Guest

    I'm having the same problem
    My Summary.txt file says :

    Product : Database Services (SQLEXPRESS
    Product Version (Previous): 306
    Product Version (Final) :
    Status : N
    Log File :
    SQL Express Features :
    Error Description : The edition of product instance SQLEXPRES
    does not qualify for this update
    mandoXXXFoo, Jul 24, 2008
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