Security Updates KB 912812 etc and Norton Systemworks

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by JAB, Apr 20, 2006.

  1. JAB

    JAB Guest

    I have Norton Systemworks and Firewall installed and working fine until the 5
    MS security updates were released last week. Immediately I had trouble,
    particularly with IE and the office programmes. I read and actioned KB
    918165 and that fixed the IE problems but Office problems persisted and I
    then noticed Norton problems. To be honest I suspected that Norton may be
    the real culprit for the remaining problems after actioning KB 918165. I
    uninstalled the MS security updates and uninstalled Systemworks and Firewall
    along with cleaing up the norton clutter left. I then reinstalled
    Systemworks and the NPFirewall checking that the office programmes operated
    as expected after each installation- they did - both the Norton and all of
    the office programmes operated just fine at this stage. Then I installed
    the MS security updates and suddenly the Norton Systemworks programme will
    not open. I can sometimes open the Firewall directly but never systemworks
    (exactly the problem I had ealier and had assumed it was Norton). I then
    tried uninstalling the security updates with a view to doing one at a time to
    determine which update is causing the problem, but even now with the all of
    the MS security updates uninstalled the inoperability of norton remains.
    Unfortunately I also don't know yet whether all up loaded I still have an
    office problem. I will pose the same question to Symantec but it has to be
    said that their progammmes were working sweet until the MS security updates.
    The only way back may be to uninstall norton and start again, as I have
    already done this several times it is not an attractive option.

    Has anyone seen this or got any ideas how I might address this without going
    back to square 1 again?

    Thanks for your help.
    JAB, Apr 20, 2006
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  2. JAB

    jonah Guest

    Not really, you would have do it all over again and leave the security
    updates out until you get a fix. One way of doing it without spending
    your life installing Norton is to use a cdrive image and increment it
    at every step until it fails then you can restore at that point and
    work from there.

    Under the circumstances I would use Acronis True Image not Norton
    Ghost :cool:

    There were lots of issues with KB908531 and a Compatability Patch KB
    917425 which undoes the Active X "fix.......HA" installed by the
    cumalitive IE update KB912812

    Details are numerous on this NG just look for the KB numbers.

    jonah, Apr 21, 2006
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