Security Warning Message When Starting Application?

Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by charliec, Oct 19, 2013.

  1. charliec

    charliec Guest

    When trying to start a game I have played for a long time, I am now
    getting a warning message - "Do you want to runt this
    application....." and I have to click yes each time to get it started.
    This is on a Win7, 64bit computer with IEv10. In IE, I went to
    Tools/Internet Options/Security and added "" in the
    Trusted Sites box, but still get the warning on every start. What do
    I have to do to stop this?

    charliec, Oct 19, 2013
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  2. charliec

    VanguardLH Guest

    Played okay before but not now. Something you did (or allowed others to
    perform on your computer or something the computer's actual owner did)
    changed its configuration so now you get the UAC prompt.

    Some games require Java. Is it installed on your computer? Some
    versions of Java include a quick-start program (either standalone or web
    browser add-on) to speed up running a Java applet. That program must be
    allowed to run. Some users also configure Java to perform an automatic
    update check (jucheck.exe) and that must be allowed to run. You didn't
    show a screen capture of the actual warning message to be sure it was a
    UAC prompt and against which program it prompted for permission to load.
    So what was the FULL content of the warning message (window title,
    message title, added information)?

    If the game runs as a Java applet, it runs as a local program. UAC in
    Windows 7 will ask you if you want to run the app. UAC has no memory so
    it has no whitelist to remember which programs you want to allow to run.
    Either you live with UAC prompting you on running a program or you
    disable it. UAC only prompts if the program is trying to make changes
    on your computer. Saving the Java applet to your computer and running
    it is not making changes to your computer so that Java program is trying
    to do something more than run normally isolated Java code.

    Having to disable UAC means reducing security, so the game site wants
    you to reduce make your computer more insecure to run more than just the
    game they purport to deliver to you.

    Gaming and gambling sites are notorious for abusing (circumventing) the
    protections built into Java, so it is recommended to find another more
    safe site from which to download and play Java games, or forego Java
    altogether (uninstall it) and only play non-Java games (those that use
    HTML and Javascript built into the web browser). Knowing WHICH program
    the UAC prompt is asking about is essential but you omitted that
    VanguardLH, Oct 19, 2013
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  3. charliec

    VanguardLH Guest

    Yes, Oracle put out a huge set of updates but Java's reputation has been
    severely tarnished.

    Java is NOT really required to play those online games (as local apps).
    Whomever they contracted or borrowed the game chose to use Java so
    that's what they're stuck with as a requirement. In general, Java
    (compiled) is a bit quicker than Javascript -- but just what type of
    Java-based games are you playing? Tic-tac-toe, crosswords, or simple
    games don't require speed since they spend that vast majority of their
    time waiting for input from the user. I didn't see any fast-paced games
    at the site you mentioned. They aren't, for example, running some race
    car video game. They do NOT need to use Java for any of their games.
    They choose to use Java for some of their games.

    Java applets run OUTSIDE the web browser. The web browser passes the
    applet to the Java Virtual Machine program (java.exe) which is NOT
    running inside the web browser's process. It is wholly separate program
    from your web browser running on your computer (even if the web
    browser's libs are used to window the applet). When you download and
    locally run a Java applet, you'll notice an instance of java.exe show up
    in Task Manager's Processes tab. So it is no different than any other
    program that your run outside your web browser. Maybe the UAC prompt is
    about java.exe. You don't describe or show the WHOLE warning message so
    no one knows which program it is warning about.
    VanguardLH, Oct 19, 2013
  4. charliec

    charliec Guest

    Thanks for the reply - attached is a screen copy of the window that I
    get. The game does require Java to run. Thoughts?
    charliec, Oct 19, 2013
  5. charliec

    VanguardLH Guest

    No attachment. I use a text-only Usenet provider since I read text-only
    newsgroups. I liked the zero cost of a free Usenet provider even if it
    only carries text-only newsgroups, like this one. I don't need access
    to binary newsgroups. Hence there is no attachment to your post either
    because you forgot to add it or it got stripped by my Usenet provider.

    Also, don't be sending a .doc file as an attachment. You said it was a
    screen capture and that would be an image. So send the image file
    itself. You might have to paste into MS Paint to save the clipboard
    into a [JPEG] file.

    Save your screenshot to a file. Upload it to an free online storage
    provider (e.g., but there are many such free providers -
    even your ISP probably gives you a web page so you have a disk quota
    where you can save files online). Then give a URL to your pic.

    You still cannot tell if it is a UAC prompt or not? The warning dialog
    doesn't state WHAT program it blocked from loading?

    Does the warning prompt look like this?

    That announces it is a UAC prompt at the very top in the title bar of
    the window. It also shows what executable it is warning about.
    Find the same or similar game that doesn't require Java. Probably means
    having to go do a different site for the same game done in Javascript.
    Else, just how critical is that game to your quality of life? It if is
    crucial then you'll have to install Java, or allow Java to execute when
    the UAC prompt appears.
    VanguardLH, Oct 19, 2013
  6. charliec

    charliec Guest

    Try this link and see if you get the message box:

    charliec, Oct 20, 2013
  7. charliec

    VanguardLH Guest

    I do NOT have Java installed and am not going to install it to
    troubleshoot someone else's problem in trying to use it.

    Obviously the error or warning dialog that you see says SOMETHING beyond
    just "Do you want to runt this application....." but you've decided to
    keep the rest of it a secret.

    If you really want help with resolving the dialog prompt then show HERE
    what it ALL said. Either add a URL link to a screen capture that you
    stored online that is publicly accessible (with no logins) or describe
    every line of text that it displays.
    VanguardLH, Oct 21, 2013
  8. charliec

    charliec Guest

    All it says is " an unsigned application is attempting to run ...."

    An a check box to "go ahead and run this application..."

    I AM not trying to "hide" anything or trying to get you to install
    something that is not already on your computer. I was trying to
    provide you with a screen shot of what I was seeing.

    You do not have to get nasty and reply the way you did. If you have a
    problem with a posted message - DON'T REPLY TO IT! People ask
    questions and don't always know what you want to reply to the message.

    charliec, Oct 21, 2013
  9. charliec

    VanguardLH Guest

    There's the contention. You claim there is nothing more to the warning
    dialog. I say there is. Prove me wrong by showing a screenshot. Save
    the screenshot to online storage and give a link to it (instructions
    already provided).
    Then why your reaction to me saying I won't install Java to test your
    problem with it?
    Yep but that failed (as an attachment) and why I described how to put
    the screenshot online and give a URL to it.
    Hmm, perhaps good advice ... even for yourself. Me, I don't do
    requests. If I didn't reply, your view is that I simply forget or chose
    to abandon your thread, not that I don't believe the warning dialog has
    only that one sentence.
    I said how to provide a screenshot of the dialog to ensure it makes it
    into a text-only newsgroup in Usenet. What does "always not know about
    what you want in a reply" have to do with that? Show me the screenshot.
    That tells you what I want. You don't have to figure that out. You
    actually did try to do that but it failed, so try again a different way.
    Your 1st post: ""Do you want to runt this application....."
    Now it's: "an unsigned application is attempting to run ...."

    Description of the prompting dialog is poor and variable. Having to
    keep making guesses at what it might actually say is irritating. There
    is no "what do you want" problem when asked exactly what is ALL of an
    error or warning message. Maybe it was only the text you described so
    say that (but I really doubt that's true). Maybe you keep omitting the
    title text and other content text because you feel it isn't relevant or
    you're just focusing on the primary string in the message.

    I gave you a means of linking to a screenshot to show here what the
    dialog actually looks like but that didn't happen. I claim there's more
    to the dialog so prove me wrong with an image of the dialog. Don't
    expect respondents to be pleased playing a circus of blind men trying to
    guess what is an object:

    So using the now different warning message of "an unsigned application
    is attempting to run" then that could be a prompt issued by the web
    browser. The Internet security zone will block, prompt, or allow
    unsigned apps to run that it downloads depending on how you configure
    the web browser's security. Go to:

    Internet Options -> Security tab, select Internet security zone, click
    on Customize to see all the security settings. Some deal with unsigned
    controls or objects.

    I've already customized mine so I don't want to change it (yep, there
    goes that nastiness streak again). You could try resetting the Internet
    security zone to the Default security level. There are several settings
    related to handling of unsigned controls or components in IE's security
    settings and one of them might be interfering with use of that site -
    prompting instead of allowing. I might not see the same prompt you do
    because my customized setup already blocks unsigned objects rather than
    to prompt about them. If that doesn't help, you may have to reset the
    web browser (Internet Options -> Advanced -> Reset); however, as I
    recall, that will disable all add-ons so you'll later (after testing)
    decide which ones to reenable.

    Java has its own security, too. If the Java applet owner hasn't signed
    his applet then Java may complain depending on how it is configured for
    security. Well, you could cripple security in Java just to accomodate
    this one game applet or tell the owner to sign their applet with a new
    certificate to verify they are the owner. The certificate that is used
    to sign a program doesn't live forever. They expire. Sometimes authors
    don't remember their certs expire until their users tell them about the
    error. Same thing sometimes happens with HTTPS sites whose certs expire
    so users either have to wait until the site owner happens to remember to
    get a new cert or the user has to forego the security of ensuring the
    site they visit is actually owned by who claims they are the owner.

    Yet if it were a Java prompt (instead of UAC or web browser) then it,
    too, has more information than just "an unsigned application is
    attempting to run".
    VanguardLH, Oct 21, 2013
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