Selecting art displayed in contributing artist view in MP 11

Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by Deadhead Daddy, Jan 20, 2007.

  1. Is it possible to manually select the album art displayed in the
    "Contributing Artist" view?

    I frequently use the contributing artist view so I can browse all the
    selections on which an artist is featured. I have a fair number of
    compilation discs that feature many artists. The artists for these discs are
    stored as "various artists" for the album artist. Specific artist names (ie,
    Bonnie Raitt) for each song are listed in the artist field. The contributing
    artist view shows all the music for a particular artist.

    However, when viewing the entire library under "contributing artist", Media
    Player 11 invariably displays the art for the compilation album instead of
    one of the artist's solo albums. This is a pain (minor, albiet) because
    Bonnie Raitt, for example, is displayed with the cover from a Pete Seegar
    compilation disc on which she sang one song. Is it possible to manually
    select the album art displayed in the "Contributing Artist" view?

    Deadhead Daddy, Jan 20, 2007
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  2. Deadhead Daddy

    George Gee Guest

    I'm not an expert on album art, but I would say that no, it cannot
    (and should not) be changed.

    (Well of course you can change the album art for the collection,
    but then you change the artwork for all the other "contributing artists").

    Isn't it strange, ones personal preferences?
    I mean, if I search for Contributing artists, the album art I want to see
    that artist, is the collection from which the track is taken, not the
    from some fictitious or existing album that I may or may not possess.

    George Gee
    George Gee, Jan 20, 2007
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  3. Deadhead Daddy

    Dale Guest

    You're right, as far as I have been able to find, that you cannot change it
    but I think it should be. If nothing else, the user should be able to
    select WMP's art from the user's own choice of his albums. Even more
    ideally, simply honor the Windows Explorer use of Folder.jpg to customize a
    folder and then let the user put any image they choose for the artist.
    AMG's website has freely downloadable artist images for almost any artist so
    there doesn't have to be copyright issues. Microsoft could offer the user
    the option to choose from the three or four images AMG has for most artists.

    Of course, that accepts the fact that WMP treats you like a thief by default
    and any track or any image you have is stolen by default. The best is still
    for WMP to assume you're an honest customer (after all you do have
    legitimate Windows in order to install WMP 11 at all) and let you put any
    picture you want in the artist folder as the display for that artist.
    For many tracks in my collections, I also own the original CD (or the CD
    duplicate of the original vinyl) so I want to know which I am listening to:
    the original or the collection. I just leave my album art to match the CD
    it came from. Like you said, one's personal choices are strange to others.

    Dale, Jan 20, 2007
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