Sending Windows Contacts to a Mobile (Cell) Phone!

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Mail' started by ionixuk, Mar 17, 2007.

  1. ionixuk

    ionixuk Guest

    Woohoo! I'm so happy with myself. I thought I'd share in case anyone else
    wanted to see if this worked for them.

    I have had to replace my K800i and of course, Sony hasn't yet delivered PC
    Suite for Vista. So, to get my contacts to the phone meant exporting them as
    individual vCards from Windows Contacts and then transfering them using the
    Send To --> Bluetooth context menu. This took AGES for the 260 contacts I
    have!!!! Lots of dialog boxes to click Next on and lots of "Yes" on the

    What I *didn't* know was that you can just hack more contacts onto the end
    of a vcf file and send the whole lot in one go! I don't know if this'll work
    on your Nokias etc. but I think it should work for most new phones...

    So, step-by-step:

    1) Export your Windows Contacts to vcf files using the Export toolbar
    button. I put all of mine into a folder on my desktop called "contacts"

    2) Load up a Command Prompt window from the start menu

    3) Change to the folder on your computer where you exported your vcf's. For
    me, that just meant typing in "cd desktop\contacts".

    4) Once you've deleted any old export file you created doing this before,
    type in this command to join all the vcf's together into one big file for you
    to Bluetooth to your device.

    for %g in (*.vcf) do type "%g" >> allcontacst.txt

    This will do lots of scrolling, depending on the number of contacts. If you
    didn't delete the file before you did that command, you'll have lots of
    duplicates in your file. Also, notice that the file doesn't end in "vcf" yet
    - there's a simple reason for that - if you call it a vcf the loop will pick
    the file up and then duplicate everything that was in the file back into
    itself.... which is nice... :p

    5) Rename the allcontacts.txt file from the desktop folder so that it ends
    in vcf. You can right-click on the file, press F2, or whatever renaming
    funciton you like :)

    6) Send the complete file to your phone over Bluetooth. Do that quickly by
    right-clicking on allcontacts.vcf, selecting Send To --> Bluetooth device

    Anyway yes - I know it sounds complicated and long whinded - but it isn't
    really... :p No really.!!!

    SUGGESTION for Microsoft - an option to have one big VCF file instead of 500
    would be bbbrilliant and save a lot of middle hassle...

    Anyway - let me know whether this works or is rubbishness...!
    ionixuk, Mar 17, 2007
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