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Discussion in 'Windows Vista File Management' started by CadWizard, Aug 1, 2007.

  1. CadWizard

    CadWizard Guest

    First, I'd like to thank Dave for the link to add Copy To and Move To
    shortcuts to the context menu. For me that's perfect, I'm a context menu
    freak. I'll have re-train the rest of the company though.
    Okay, so why can't I save shortcuts in my SendTo folder I keep getting an
    access denied message? I've written several small utility apps in Visual
    Basic to help with all of the duties I have to do. I put shortcuts in my
    SendTo folder so I can send a series of files and/or folders to these apps to
    do things like copy path to clipboard, distribute to workgroup and even an
    app that can upload our entire web site via ftp. Is there any other option
    for sending items to an application or a way to access my SendTo folder? I
    found the Copy Path feature, I'm hoping it has options for copying just the
    filename or just the path or just the filename with extension like my app
    does. But based on my experiences with Vista so far, it seams Microsoft took
    all of the best features of previous versions of Windows and threw them in
    the trash, so I'm expecting the worst. It probably copies it, but then will
    give me an access denied message when I try to paste it.
    CadWizard, Aug 1, 2007
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  2. CadWizard

    Dave Guest

    Dave, Aug 1, 2007
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  3. CadWizard

    dean-dean Guest

    You are probably clicking on a hidden junction to access your SendTo folder
    (this junction is for legacy programs to tell them where the new location
    for the folder is in Vista; too, don't move it, or its re-direct
    functionality will be broken) . Your SendTo folder is here:

    C:\Users\(Your Name)\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\SendTo

    As to putting Copy To and Move To in your context menu things could go fine,
    but here are the caveats:

    Problem caused by adding Copy To and Move To as context menu entries:
    What goes wrong when you add "Copy To" to the context menu:
    dean-dean, Aug 1, 2007
  4. CadWizard

    dean-dean Guest

    I should add that the default location for the SendTo Junction point (not to
    be confused with your SendTo folder) is here:
    C:\Users\(Your Name)

    Don't change the Security Permissions for that file. According to
    • Use NTFS ACLs to protect junction points from inadvertent deletion.
    • Use NTFS ACLs to protect files and directories that are targeted by
    junction points from inadvertent deletion or other file system operations.
    • Never delete a junction point by using Explorer, a del /s command,
    or other file system utilities that walk recursively into directory trees.
    These utilities affect the target directory and all subdirectories.
    • Use caution when you apply ACLs or change file compression in a
    directory tree that includes NTFS junction points.
    dean-dean, Aug 1, 2007
  5. CadWizard

    CadWizard Guest

    Thanks again Dave. Most importantly, I think you have me on the right path
    now to find the info I need to get these new Vista systems up and running on
    our network. I'll be honest, I was convinced this morning that there was no
    way I could use this new OS in our organization. I'm a little more optimistic
    now, but I still believe that Microsoft has gone overboard in it's design.
    Not all of us need the security (or the headaches) that, let's say Microsoft,
    needs. Personally, If I could find 5 copies of XP still on the shelves
    somewhere, these new PC's would be scrubbed by morning and up and running by
    mid-day. You wouldn't know it from my communications, but usually, I'm always
    looking forward to changes and new things. But right now, I feel like my
    grandfather wishing Ford would bring back the Model 'A'.
    CadWizard, Aug 1, 2007
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