!Serious problem with Windows Update... (Not for the humour impaired)

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by Max Burke, Oct 7, 2003.

  1. Max Burke

    Max Burke Guest

    Over the last two weeks I have been practicing the re-installing of XPHE
    on my computer to:

    a.) learn how to do it....

    b.) reorganise the partitions on my hard drives, to have applications on
    their own partition, utilities on theirs, XPHE in it's own, etc....

    c.) get rid of all the dross remaining in the registry (that various reg
    cleaners didn't remove) after installing/uninstalling the numerous
    shareware programs I have tried over the last 18 months....

    d.) remove all trace of the OEM installer who thought it a good Idea to
    plaster his name all over various system directories when he installed

    Firstly I did a clean install by 'nuking' XP completely and repartitions
    the hard drive it was installed on; then using the mislabelled OEM
    recovery CD (with Instructions that it could only restore the computer
    to it's original factory condition) I reinstalled and had XP up and
    running in under 45 minutes with my own [restored from backup] themes
    Then I updated to XP SP1 from a magazine CD..
    After reinstalling my antivirus program and Zone Alarm Firewall I went
    online and reactivated (that took 5 minutes)
    Then I went to Windows Update, and found that I had 28 critical updates
    and 16 recommended updates to reinstall.....
    I whittled down the recommended updates by personalising Windows update
    that just left two.....
    Then I started on the critical updates; I was expecting to take a couple
    of days to reinstall the 25Mb of updates over my 56K modem, but it was
    all done in just over 2 Hours.....

    So I had my system back up and running the way it was before I started
    in 3-4 hours (I had planned to do this over a whole weekend); All the
    data and applications on my second hard drive didn't even need to be
    restored from the backups I had made. I had no access problems or
    running problems.
    The only problem I had was that the effects button in the screen
    appearance window did not work. Clicking on it did nothing.....

    The following weekend I did a repair install; This time it took just
    over 35 minutes for XP to repair itself....
    This fixed the effects button not working problem, and allowed me to
    make some minor changes that I wanted to do.....
    This time I didn't need to activate or even reinstall anything except
    for XP SP1 and going online to reinstall critical updates. XP recognised
    and restored everything back to the way it was......
    When I went online to Windows Update this time I had ten recommended
    updates, and 23 critical updates.....
    As an experiment I selected fourteen critical updates to install at the
    same time...
    It took approximately 45 minutes for these updates to be downloaded and
    installed without a hitch; I then reinstalled the remaining updates
    without any problems.....

    So now I can do reinstalls and updates easily and safely......

    To cut a long story short........

    How come I *DIDN'T* have any problems with windows Update??????? What
    am I doing WRONG????? ;-)))

    I can only put it down to my reading the replies and advice offered by
    Lucy, Jupiter Jones, Mow Green, David Herman, and any of the other
    participating MVP's that help out us ordinary users; Just by reading
    their replies to various problems I have kept my computer running the
    way it is supposed to do, and avoided all the problems that can happen
    when using the Windows Update website.......

    Thanks for being so patient, and helpful......
    Max Burke, Oct 7, 2003
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  2. Max Burke

    Mow Green Guest


    It's very kind of you to post this and also your expression of
    gratitude. Now, if only other users would see this ;)

    MowGreen [MS-MVP] (aka_SteveW)
    *-343-* Never Forgotten

    Mow Green, Oct 9, 2003
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