Server install and Windows Updates

Discussion in 'Server Setup' started by Rich, Dec 2, 2009.

  1. Rich

    Rich Guest

    This weekend, we're setting up a Windows 2003 SB R2 server. As happens many
    times before, one of the hold-ups is waiting for Windows updates to download.

    The sitatuion is that we need to set the server off-site, and hence, we can
    only go so far in the setup. When we go on site, we can finish the setup
    (joining the domain and DCPromo, etc).

    Then we can put updates on. My question is, Is there a way to download (to a
    CD/DVD) most if not all the updates ahead of time, then install them, without
    complicating things?

    Thanks for any input.

    Rich, Dec 2, 2009
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  2. Meinolf Weber [MVP-DS], Dec 2, 2009
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  3. Rich

    Rich Guest

    Thanks! It looks like a great utility.

    Rich, Dec 2, 2009
  4. sure ...but I'm assuming you're installing & configuring WSUS on the
    server, right? I don't really see where the delay is, as you're
    building this someplace with Internet connectivity, it is assumed. Set
    up WSUS 3.0, set up a GPO for the workstations to point to it, and
    configure it to download & auto-approve the updates you want. Then
    bring the server to the office.
    Lanwench [MVP - Exchange], Dec 21, 2009
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