Server management console won't start; changing RAID config; making VM snapshots; change domain nam

Discussion in 'Windows Small Business Server' started by Tony Thijs, Dec 14, 2008.

  1. Tony Thijs

    Tony Thijs Guest

    Problem 1
    I received a server based upon a ASUS KFSN5-d motherboard 8 Kingston 1G
    modules and two AMD 2378 CPU's (Opteron Shanghai).

    I can't start the management console trhough ,,compueer Right mouse-manage
    It won't start

    The server had Microsoft SBS 2008 preinstalled on a mirrored boot raid
    (Nvidia) disk.

    At startup the welcome screen of SBS 2008 starts up fine.

    Question 1. For performance reasons I wan't to convert the mirror to a Raid
    0 srtipe. Is there a safe way to do this?

    Question 2: After I solved the startup problems,how can I make a snapshot of
    the system for exapmle with WMWare Workstation and get that snapshot back in
    place after a full cleanup of the system

    Question 3
    What is the best procedure to change the native domain name?
    Kind regards,
    Tony Thijs
    Tony Thijs, Dec 14, 2008
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  2. Hi Tony:

    See in line below. And welcome to SBS!

    Please post the resolution to your
    issue so that others may benefit.

    What are you wanting to do there? Are you sure there is no built in Wizard
    to do what you want? What error message do you get?
    There is no safe way to run with a RAID 0. Zip, Nada. There are no
    performance issues with SBS. Watch your CPU and RAM states and you will see
    that the system pushes the RAM, but not the CPU, and rarely the drives. But
    the problem with RAID0 is if you lose one drive you lose everything, unless
    you also Mirror the RAID0, thereby requiring 4 drives.
    SBS native backup to external USB does a good job. Others like Shadow
    Protect or Accronis. With VMWare, I don't know.
    Insert the DVD into your drive, run setup, remove existing installation,
    reinstall SBS.

    BTW, this would also work for question 1, with the additional step of
    breaking the mirror and setting the controller to RAID 0, but please don't
    do this.
    Larry Struckmeyer [SBS-MVP], Dec 14, 2008
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  3. Just looked at the ASUS page on the mobo. Should have done this first,
    probably, but it would not change my reply about RAID 0.

    I can't tell from a quick look at that MOBO on ASUS site which config is the
    "d". If you did not get the add on controller, then you must be using
    standard SATA drives. Hopefully, you got what the industry calls
    "enterprise" SATA.

    With 7200 RPM and 8 or, better, 16 MB cache, you should be ok in all but
    the most intensive environments, such as heavy usage, many users, high
    transaction SQL. And with SBS08, SQL is meant to be installed on the second

    You did not say what the purpose was, or how many users. Still does not
    change my answer about RAID0.

    Please post the resolution to your
    issue so that others may benefit.
    Larry Struckmeyer [SBS-MVP], Dec 14, 2008
  4. Tony Thijs

    Tony Thijs Guest

    Hi Larry,
    The culprit was Live one care. Once removed -took some hours- , the server
    reacts as usual.
    Thanks for the feedback.

    By the way, which parts of SBS would benefit from a second processor?
    Kind regards,
    Tony Thijs
    Tony Thijs, Dec 15, 2008
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