server updates workstation then "workstation" service fails to start

Discussion in 'Update Services' started by, Aug 24, 2005.

  1. I am having a problem with about 10 workstations out of 2000. I recently
    setup WSUS and pushed out the settings with group policy. This could be
    completly unrelated but now those 10 computers are unable to access our
    servers. They can connect to the internet and any website but nothing
    through netbios. The computers are all having problems starting the
    "workstation" service which means all the dependancies fail. when i try to
    start the service manually i get an error "The Workstation service
    terminated with service-specific error 2250". Another strange thing is even
    though the user account i am logging in with has full control of
    "c:\winnt\system32\drivers" it gives me an access denied when i try to open
    the folder. once i take ownership of the folder it lets me in but still can
    not read the files properly and screws up the network card. so it will not
    pull an IP. I dont know what this could be as i couldnt find anything on it
    when i was googleing. Thanks for any help.
, Aug 24, 2005
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    Patrick Guest

    I would say this has something to do with your GPOs and NTFS permissions.
    WSUS wouldn't have anything to do with being able to access folders on the
    Patrick, Aug 24, 2005
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  3. I was thinking more along the lines of maybe an update is failing half way
    through the install and is causing the problems.
, Aug 24, 2005

    Patrick Guest

    You would need to take a look at the problem client's WindowsUpdate.log file.
    However, I do not see a failed update would cause the permissions issue you
    are experiencing. Rather, I think it may have to do with your GPO. When you
    take ownership of the folder, it retains that ownership until about 20
    minutes pass when the GPO is applied again and the ownership is removed. At
    least that is my limited diagnosis of this from the limited amount of
    information I have on your issue.
    Patrick, Aug 24, 2005
  5. If you're having problems starting up the /Workstation/ service.. the
    problem goes a lot deeper than anything WSUS or the WUA deals with.

    Yes, it is possible that a defective update installation caused this -- can
    you correlate a scheduled update installation with the appearance of the

    I'd be more inclined to agree with Patrick's assessment..
    Either there are "additional" settings configured in your WSUS GPO that
    have negatively impacted the client systems, or something/somebody has
    mucked with filesystem permissions -- though rarely does that impact the
    startup of the Workstation service. The Workstation service has no
    dependencies, and should be configured to Log On with the Local System
    account, giving it unrestricted permissions to the entire system.

    Start by removing the GPO from that system (use security filtering to set
    the Computer account to /deny/ access to the GPO), and see if the system
    returns to normal operation. If so, it's a flaw in the GPO applied to that

    If removing the GPO has no affect, then you might also seriously consider
    some sort of malware infection, since it seems it's affected the core of the
    OS and driver library.

    Beyond that, the appropriate resource to continue with your diagnostics is
    with an OS expert in an OS forum. It's really beyond the scope of WSUS
    diagnostics if the /Workstation/ service won't start up. And a whole host of
    failures will occur as a result of losing that service, the least of which
    is Automatic Updates.

    In fact, AU doesn't even have a dependency on the Workstation service. AU
    ought to keep on truckin' even if the Workstation service is shut down,
    because AU uses anonymous permissions to access the WSUS server, and it does
    not use any of the services that are dependent on the Workstation service.

    You might also check these KB articles for additional considerations:;en-us;841570;en-us;887416
    Lawrence Garvin, Aug 26, 2005
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