Setting up a training environment using virtual PC

Discussion in 'Virtual PC' started by Sandra M, Aug 17, 2010.

  1. Sandra M

    Sandra M Guest

    Looking for help - setting up my first technical class and want to set up a
    host pc for training only - will need to run 3 virtual machines - vista,
    windows7 and server 2008 and want to make sure I buy the proper hardware and
    choose the host operating system correctly. Any suggestions as to what specs
    I should go for and best choice of host operating system.

    Many thanks

    Sandra M, Aug 17, 2010
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  2. Sandra M

    MikeD Guest

    If you're buying a new computer that will serve as the host, anything you'd
    buy will likely be fine. You might want to double-check that it supports
    hardware acceleration, but I think that's probably pretty much standard any
    more on any new PC and laptops. That will most likely also take care of the
    host OS as a new PC will likely have Windows 7, which is fine. I'd
    recommend a 64 bit version of Windows though, and AT LEAST 4 GB of RAM.
    That's why you want a 64 bit OS because 32 bit Windows can't see that much
    RAM. The 4 GB of RAM is more important if you will be running guest OSes
    simultaneously because you will probably want to give each one 1 GB of that
    RAM (although you can probably get by with 512 MB).

    If you go with Win7 as the host, you have a choice between virtualization
    products. There is Windows Virtual PC that can only work under Win7. It
    integrates more closely into the host OS and offers some benefits, but it
    also removes some "features" (notably, you can't drag and drop files
    directly between the host and guest OSes). You can also still download and
    use Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 under Win7.

    Since you are using the guest OSes for training, you probably want to
    "reset" them after each training session. For this, you'll want to use undo
    disks. I do not know if Windows Virtual PC supports undo disks, but I do
    know that Virtual PC 2007 does. Perhaps someone with more knowledge of
    Windows Virtual PC can chime in on that.
    MikeD, Aug 18, 2010
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  3. Sandra M

    Robert Comer Guest

    but I think that's probably pretty much standard any
    It's still not standard on lower end Intel processor stuff, so you
    have to check it... :(
    Robert Comer, Aug 18, 2010
  4. Sandra M

    GG Guest

    Bob is right about that. one have to check both the processor and the
    mainboard support virtualization technology

    since OP want to run w2008, I would recommend at least 6GB unless she only
    run the w2008 along w/o Vista nor W7 VM.

    I won't try to run w2008 with only a GB or two
    if training on w7 involves .net develpment, one would want about 2GB for w7

    if one have enough space, one could back up the vhd for the vm before making
    changes insetad of just relying on undo disks.

    of course if the PC got enough "hosepower" and fast enough disks, one could
    have a base vhd on a drive and differentail vhd on another drive, host
    system disk on its own hard drive. Sata drive are cheap nowadays on desktop.

    I am afraid there no no best hardware, as it depends on what one wants,
    portability vs fast responsive, flexible desktop config. constraints by
    one's budget, as well as duration of training.

    for additonal info look at the white paper and from microsoft website
    GG, Sep 5, 2010
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