Setting WLAN SSID/Channel programatically

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Drivers' started by Philip Lee, Jan 2, 2004.

  1. Philip Lee

    Philip Lee Guest

    I have a requirement to set the SSID and channel of a wireless NIC from a
    user mode program running on XP SP1.

    Having reviewed similar posts in these newsgroups it seems there is no way
    to do this (on XP SP1 anyway) apart from writing an NDIS device driver that
    would load/attach the lower level NIC device driver and then use NdisRequest
    to make the required changes.

    Assuming I went to these extraordinary lengths just to change two settings,
    my question is, after the SSID/channel had been modified, would the changes
    be permanent, i.e. persist after a reboot? If not then the driver would
    always have to be loaded at the appropriate time and make the changes to

    Of course any pointers on where to start with this would be appreciated.
    My thought so far are:
    1) use the DDK passthru sample as a starting point
    2) use the extended passthru sample (added DeviceIOControl) by Thomas

    then I'm stuck, having never written a device driver before.

    If using NdisRequest can make permanent changes then I want to:
    1) dynamically load and open my device driver
    2) use DeviceIOControl to instruct my driver to load/attach to a
    specified driver (already loaded)
    3) instruct my driver to make the changes to ssid/channel.

    If I can't make permanent changes then I guess I need to have a driver which
    is always loaded on top of the specified NIC driver when it is loaded. The
    required changes would then need to be applied.

    Phil Lee
    Philip Lee, Jan 2, 2004
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