settings changed - 3 monitors - maximises window across all 3 monitors instead of 1

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Performance' started by james, Jul 10, 2008.

  1. james

    james Guest


    I have been using 4 monitorsby adding three 22inch monitors to my laptop
    with a graphics expansion module and have not had the problem below until
    this time.

    * SETUP :
    1 Laptop
    1 Graphics Expansion Module with three 22inch monitors attached

    * What Happened :
    I detached the USB plug to the Graphics Expansion Module and the VGA cable,
    EITHER after unclicking the "extend the desktop to the this monitor" option,
    OR i unplugged both cables while the laptop was off,
    and re-attched them after restarting it later.And extended the desktop and
    chose option to use the 3 monitors attached to the Graphics Expansion Module
    as the "Primary Display".

    BUT when i re-attached both cables,a window popped up (which happens only
    sometimes after i re-attach the cables),i missed out on clicking the option
    of expanding the desktop and not cloning the desktop. i dont think this is
    even the cause of the problem below,I think it is some other setting that
    has changed after detaching and reattaching the cables.

    I have tried to detach and reattach the cables so that popup window will
    appear,to choose whether to clone or extend my desktop but it wont appear (i
    dont think this is the problem anyway).

    * PROBLEM :
    Now when i maximise any window on any one of the three 22inch monitors
    (attached to the graphics expansion module), it opens that window across ALL
    I have never had this problem before.
    And i cannot find the setting to change it back -so that when i maximise a
    window it will maximise only on ONE monitor that most of that window is
    appearing in,rather than all three of the monitors attached to the graphics
    expansion module.
    This happens whether the Laptop Monitor or the Graphics Expansion Module is
    the "Primary" Display.

    HOW do i change it back ????

    Does anyone know ????

    Thanks very much
    james, Jul 10, 2008
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  2. james

    DL Guest

    Maybe your graphics expansion module came with some utility software?
    DL, Jul 10, 2008
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  3. james

    Frenchy Guest

    Matrox Triple Head to Go I guess? That comes with software and I guess
    they have a forum?. You could uninstall the software and start again?

    If it is an Nvidia card in the Laptop, can you access the Nvidia Control
    Panel and fiddle from there?

    Also Right click on Desktop and select PERSONALIZE and then DISPLAY
    SETTINGS. Identify the monitors and drag them around to the right

    Or uninstall the monitors via Device Manager and reboot and then let it
    find them again?

    Frenchy, Jul 11, 2008
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