Setup encountered an interal error and cannot continue

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Installation' started by ocatechin, Jul 25, 2006.

  1. ocatechin

    ocatechin Guest

    I am receiving the following error after the 100% load.
    Setup encountered an interal error and cannot continue.

    Any suggestions.
    ocatechin, Jul 25, 2006
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  2. ocatechin

    CH Guest

    Statistically your problem is far and away likely to either a truncated
    download or much more likely a bad burn. Check your ISO burn's integrity on
    the DVD (or did you get the one from MSFT who seems to be sending out their
    own DVDs to test with a very small population of test DVDs 13 months after
    the Beta baby hit the delivery room)?

    Use the CRC Utility>if burn doesn't validate reburn.

    Reburn Option:

    1) Burn slowly. 4X should be fine. Some of this probably varies with the
    DVD writer
    and the media.

    2) Make sure to select an ISO tab if there is one on the burning software,
    and make sure to close the session on the burn.

    3) Try this tweak on your Windows XP drive and burn from there:

    Get to Dev Manager by typing devmgmt.msc in run/win key + pause break or My Computer>Prop>hardware tab>Device Manager if you like 5 steps
    instead of one cmd. If you're set to PMI here change to DMO and if set to
    DMO change to PMI using these 5 steps:

    1) Click the + in front of IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers

    2) Double Click the Secondary IDE Controller

    3) Click Advanced Settings

    4) Under Device 1  Next to Transfer Mode choose DMA (or vise versa)>Click

    5) Reboot your System

    6) Check your burn with a CRC utility and the links for this are below
    including the direct Taco Bell link. It is very classy, sophisticated, and
    very Wagner Edstrom/McCann Ericson esque for MSFT to adopt a Taco Bell url
    for their public Beta 2 CRC checker. Rock on Redmond Rednecks.

    Obtain CRC Utility for Vista Beta 2 Here: (The CRC utility is a way to check
    the integrity of the ISO Burn which is probably where your problem
    lies--it's #1 on the list):

    Here's a link:

    The CRC utility for Beta 2 is contained here (Scroll down to the bottom
    under "Additional Information"

    Microsoft® Windows® Software Development Kit (SDK) for Beta 2 of Windows
    Vista and WinFX Runtime Components

    Additional Information:

    To verify that your download of an ISO file for the Windows SDK Beta 2 build
    is not corrupt, download the CRC Utility. (Note: this is not a Microsoft
    application. Use at your own risk.)

    To run the CRC test, open a command prompt and run the utility. providing it
    the name of the file (i.e. crc
    c:\6.0.5383.1.1.WindowsSDK_Vista_idw.DVD.Rel.img) The CRC utility will run
    two tests on the ISO: it will verify if the ISO is valid, and it will give
    the AutoCRC signature for the file. The AutoCRC signature for the Windows
    SDK Beta 2 ISO is 0x28434EEF. You should also confirm the size of the ISO is
    correct: 1.14 GB (1,229,355,008 bytes).

    If it fails any of these three tests, re-download the ISO.

    I really like the direct link to it though if you right click CRC here>left
    click Properties:

    Easy BCD or Vista Boot Pro 2:

    Take a look at

    Easy BCD


    Vista Boot Pro2



    Go to the cmd prompt and type in BCDEDIT /? to see the switches. You can
    also drill into each switch.

    Boot Configuration Data Editor Frequently Asked Questions

    I think you'll get the problem solved by using Win RE.

    Good luck; let us know.


    CH, Jul 26, 2006
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