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Discussion in 'Windows Vista Performance' started by LoneStar, May 9, 2007.

  1. LoneStar

    LoneStar Guest

    My new Vista system runs very fast and well. However, I ran SFC /verifyonly
    and got a 17MB file in the CBS.log folder. Lots of stuff there that "looks"
    really scary, but what do I know!

    Question: Later, I ran sfc /scannow and the result showed that some system
    files couldn't be repaired! I went to the cbs.log file and saw that the
    file was the one dated from the first sfc /verifyonly process. Isn't there
    supposed to be a log from the ..../scannow process also?

    Finally, if my Vista runs flawlessly, should I be concerned about the
    irreparable files? If so, how can I find them? Thanks.

    LoneStar, May 9, 2007
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  2. LoneStar

    LoneStar Guest

    dean......... thanks for the reply. After reviewing your answer and working
    with Notepad and a KB article I found on the MS website, I isolated the two
    "irreparable" files as: tcpmon.ini and settings.ini. The "tcpmon.ini" works
    with my new printer which works PERFECTLY with my Vista (though much of the
    time it's turned OFF) and the "settings.ini" fault has to do with the
    Windows Sidebar, which I have disabled. No worries here, I guess. Whew!
    Your reply gave me a good start into learning much about the cbs.log file
    and how SFC works. Cheers.


    LoneStar, May 10, 2007
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  3. LoneStar

    Dean-Dean Guest

    It looks like you were able to sort out a few of your concerns. Your post
    reminded me that I'd forgotten to tell you about making a sfcdetails.txt
    file, but it looks like you figured it out:

    To create only SFC information gleaned from the cbs.log, and find the
    sfcdetails.txt easily, open command prompt. By default, the prompt starts in
    C:\Users\(Your Name). Type

    cd desktop

    Press Enter on your keyboard. Then type

    findstr /c:"[SR]" %windir%\logs\cbs\cbs.log >sfcdetails.txt

    Press Enter. Sfcdetails.txt should then appear on your Desktop.

    I've run SFC with no problems found, or, as SFC puts it, "Windows Resource
    Protection did not find any integrity violations". Here are my locations for
    tcpmon.ini and settings.ini:

    C:\Windows\System32\tcpmon.ini (Modified ‎September ‎19, ‎2006, Created
    November ‎02, ‎2006)
    (Modified ‎September ‎19, ‎2006, Created November ‎02, ‎2006)

    C:\Program Files\Windows Sidebar\settings.ini (Modified and Created
    ‎November ‎02, ‎2006)
    (Modified and Created ‎November ‎02, ‎2006)

    The C:\Windows\winsxs\ subfolders are where SFC crosschecks the system files
    on your computer. For tcpmon.ini and settings.ini, under
    C:\Windows\winsxs\, do you have the corresponding subfolders, noted above?

    Like you, I don't see the two "irreparable" files as cause for real concern...

    Dean-Dean, May 11, 2007
  4. LoneStar

    LoneStar Guest

    Wow, thanks again. I've learned a bunch and am glad I ran into you here!!


    LoneStar, May 11, 2007
  5. LoneStar

    nweissma Guest

    i have the identical situation (/scannow states, but does not identify,
    irreparable corrupted files). i am looking at [sfc /verifyonly] a 35 MB
    cbs.txt log - how do i identify which files are corrupted? after i've
    identified them, how can i repair (from the disk) only them?


    --Fool On The Hill
    [32-bit Vista Home Premium]
    nweissma, May 12, 2007
  6. LoneStar

    nweissma Guest

    why can't Vista's System Restore feature be used to repair corrupted files?


    --Fool On The Hill
    [32-bit Vista Home Premium]
    nweissma, May 12, 2007
  7. LoneStar

    Julian Guest

    It can if they are 'system' files.

    For user files restore from backup.
    Julian, May 12, 2007
  8. LoneStar

    LoneStar Guest

    Here's what I did to find the irreparable files:

    Open your CBS.log file in Notepad (hopefully, your Notepad can handle 25
    MB!). Go to the Edit tab and use your "Find" selection to search the words
    "Cannot repair member file." This will give you a mildly complex
    explanation and name of the file found to be in "error." Use "Find Next"
    until you've seen them all. In my case, it found 2 files, but they were not
    really bad files, just a fluke because the items they referred to were files
    used on hardware that I had shut off.

    This was the way I did it, but Microsoft may have another idea. See this

    Good luck, and no worries!

    LoneStar, May 12, 2007
  9. LoneStar

    dean-dean Guest

    System Restore could be used to repair corrupted system files, but you would
    have to choose a restore point with a date when the corrupted files weren't
    corrupted. Knowing when the files weren't corrupted may not be easy to
    figure out.

    dean-dean, May 13, 2007
  10. LoneStar

    nweissma Guest

    this i did - and i am incredulous! -- the *only file* which is identified
    as irreparable is ... a windows *true font* called mingliu.ttc !!

    CAN THIS POSSIBLY BE??!! can this be what is preventing the windows firewall
    from starting? (and other anomalies in ie7 (that i've been told is due to an
    improper configuration of ie7))


    --Fool On The Hill
    [32-bit Vista Home Premium]
    nweissma, May 13, 2007
  11. LoneStar

    nweissma Guest

    i question its value as a way to restore corrupted files


    this kb states:

    "Using the System Restore tool may not necessarily help you determine the
    issue. The System Restore tool uses restore points to return system files and
    settings to an earlier point in time. You can use it to restore the operating
    system to a point in time in which you did not experience the issue. When you
    use System Restore to restore the computer to a previous state, *** programs
    and updates that you installed are removed. ***"

    as a newbie, this question may seem ridiculous because it is so obvious: why
    would i want to remove all the antimalware that i carefully configured? all i
    want to do is repair one or two corrupted files - not throw the baby out with
    the bathwater.

    as i just stated in another post, the sfc.exe /verifyonly >> cbs.txt (all 35
    MB of it!) produced the startling, psychedelic revelation that the reason
    that i cannot activate windows firewall, and possibly other ie7 problems, is
    due to a corruption of a file named mingliu.ttc - a windows "true font"
    file!! cbs.txt identifies this as *the only* sfc.exe /scannow irrepartable

    can this possibly be causing my windows firewall problem? and for *this*, i
    am going to jeopardize my antimalware?

    so, what can vista's restore feature be used for, with a net benefit?

    nweissma, May 13, 2007
  12. LoneStar

    dean-dean Guest

    I think you missed my point. System Restore is not a good way to repair
    corrupted files, if you don't know at what point the corrupted files weren't
    corrupt (using System Restore, you have to choose a date). SFC is able to
    replace corrupted System files, but your issues may not be due to file
    corruption. If SFC only found a font as problematic, then your problems
    most likely are caused by some other conflict, like the installation of a
    3rd party program. If you "cannot activate windows firewall, and possibly
    have other ie7 problems", and you tried SFC /scannow, then file corruption
    can be ruled out. You jumped to the wrong conclusion by equating
    mingliu.ttc as the source of your issues. There's a wide gamut of

    Now that we know that your Windows Firewall and IE7 files are basically
    intact and okay, specifically, what are the symptoms regarding Windows
    Firewall? And your IE7 problems?

    dean-dean, May 13, 2007
  13. LoneStar

    nweissma Guest

    it was an ms tech, not me, who, after three hours on the phone and with easy
    assist, ran the sfc /scannow, and decided, without further probing, that the
    source of the firewall problem lies in the unidentified corrupted, and
    irreparable, files (*he* did not sfc /verifyonly - *i* did). he told me that
    i needed to reinstall vista from dvd - not something i look forward to -
    notwithstanding that i need the experience anyway. when i ran /verifyonly,
    and discovered that the only irreparably corrupted file was this "true font"
    ..ttc, i was, as you can imagine, shocked!

    when i installed onecare (4-5 weeks ago), windows firewall was necessarily
    rendered inoperative. 2 weeks later, i uninstalled onecare (i forget the
    details - either it was causing me trouble or it was not adequately
    performing; in either case, i installed a 3rd party oa av, od av's, and od
    antispywares), and i have not been able to render windows firewall operative.

    another ms tech, 2 weeks ago, also had me on the phone for 3 hours; after
    reading a log (i forget which), he concluded that windows firewall *was
    working* - even though it is reporting that it is not. nor is the security
    center. nor can i turn them on. i would certainly install a 3rd party
    firewall, but i am worried about firewall conflict - remember, he said that
    windows firewall *is working*. so now i don't know - is windows firewall
    working or, as it's reporting itself, it is not? - it is possible that i have
    not had a firewall for 3 weeks.

    what symptoms manifest a firewall conflict (if i install the 3rd party
    firewall, how will i know that i have a conflict?)

    wrt the ie7 matter, that the second ms tech said must be premised on the
    (unidentified) corrupted files: it seems to have a problem with the Ajax
    technology, suchg as is found in gmail, and when i visit www.techarp.com
    (other sites continuously refresh so violently that the page never loads) .

    nweissma, May 13, 2007
  14. LoneStar

    dean-dean Guest

    You lost me with "3rd party oa av, od av's, and od antispywares". What do
    the initials (od, oa) mean? Are you using Windows Defender real-time
    protection as well? Is Security Center reporting your Anti-virus program
    correctly? Is it reporting Windows Defender correctly?

    Basically, I would have only one Anti-virus program installed and running,
    and one Anti-spyware program, if it's using real-time protection, running.
    Too many processes in this area running in the background are going to cause
    conflicts, not to mention radically impact the performance of your computer.
    Hold off on another Firewall. Security Center may be mis-reporting its
    status, and that may be fixable. I just need clarity on all your "Anti-'s".
    One Care is off the table; what's on the table?

    Your IE7 problems may be a result of the issues stated above, or too many
    3rd party toolbars and plug-ins, or combinations thereof. For starters, if
    you are using any toolbars (Google, Yahoo, MSN, or one that came from your
    computer manufacturer, etc.), I would uninstall them.

    To get a proper take on your current SFC situation, and to understand what
    the MS tech might have seen, I would do this. Run SFC /scannow, by
    right-clicking Command Prompt and choosing Run as Administrator. Next, open
    Command Prompt again (use the shortcut in Start Menu\Programs\Accessories)
    (Run as Administrator), and type

    cd desktop

    Press Enter on your keyboard. Then type

    findstr /c:"[SR]" %windir%\logs\cbs\cbs.log >sfcdetails.txt

    Press Enter. Sfcdetails.txt should then appear on your Desktop. Looking at
    entries for the current date, ONLY, do you see any problems noted in that
    text file?

    dean-dean, May 13, 2007
  15. LoneStar

    nweissma Guest

    od = on demand - iow, scanning mode of operation
    oa = on access - iow, real-time protection

    i have only one oa av (avast), several av scanners (i turn off avast before
    i scan to avoid conflict), several antispyware scanners (spybot s&d, adaware,
    and others), and windows defender works just fine. i have no extraneous
    toolbars - never did.

    conflicts? how do i know whether antimalware purviews intersect? for
    example, does real-time spybot s&d's tea timer function intersect windows
    defender? do somne of the antispyware function of spyware terminator
    intersect with defender, or spybot s&d? how do i know - dearth documentation
    is a major problem, imo.

    sfcdetails.txt reveals 6 entries that all say the same thing:

    ............ CSI ........00000xxx [SR] Cannot Repair

    nweissma, May 13, 2007
  16. Back on 5/8, I went through this with dean-dean. I ended up reinstalling
    Vista after which I ran a sfc /scannow with a 99% completion. That equates
    to 100%, if you count 0% as 1%. It didn't take two days before the CBS.log
    was recording a corrupt system, again.

    Does anyone know how many times we can reinstall Vista before MS blocks our

    The only way this will be resolved is how the Starship Enterprise did (will
    do) it. "...shut down of all affected systems and reboot from Core-memory."
    We need to install a barebones Windows on a Flash Drive (Core-memory).
    Then, whenever MS came out with a new O/S we buy a new Flash Drive with
    Windows already installed. After that, download all the updated. The
    problem with Restore Points, as dean-dean indicated, is that as you create
    Restore Points the first one is shoved off the stack. You have a stack of
    four that you can see. But the only one you "know" is good is number one.
    And, that one was shoved off the stack a long time ago. So, you are stuck
    with reinstalling Vista. Now, I repeat my question. Does anyone know how
    many times we can reinstall Vista before MS blocks our Key?
    William Beard, May 13, 2007
  17. LoneStar

    LoneStar Guest

    First, I'm glad it worked and you were able to fine the "bad" file. If I
    were you, I'd be happy that it's the ONLY one at fault.

    Second, I personally doubt the font file is causing your firewall and IE7
    problems; however, you probably know more about Vista than I do. "IF" you
    have a system purchased new with Vista, you may consider a complete Restore
    operation from your Restore partition or DVD and reload your apps. Doesn't
    take (too) long. Don't know about the complexity of your antimalware
    installs, but you might have to choose, rock or a hard place.

    I also installed LiveOne Care and all went well.

    I'll follow this thread to see where it goes. Hope the MVPs can come up
    with something for you.

    LoneStar, May 13, 2007
  18. LoneStar

    dean-dean Guest

    Thanks for the definitions (od, oa); live and learn!
    I daresay that your problems with IE7 may well be attributed to real-time
    protection programs going at it all at once, not to mention that User
    Account Control may be in the mix, too. You're right, no one knows exactly
    how all the Anti-Malware real-time protections intersect in combination;
    since an individual is free to install as many of these programs as they
    like, who's to know the consequences of all the combinations possible (what
    with a multitude of registry insertions, active files on your computer,
    ActiveX controls, hosts file modification, "Anti-Spyware" that may be a ruse
    for adware, and on and on)? Of course, you can do what you like, but I'd
    tone it down to using one Anti-Virus program (uninstall any others), and
    have only one Anti-Malware program with real-time protection active, if your
    Anti-Virus program doesn't provide that option. You can use their on-demand
    scanning, but turn off the real-time protection capabilities of Spyware
    Terminator, Ad-Aware, Spybot S&D (Tea Timer), etc. If you are using Avast's
    Web Shield, turn off real-time protection in Windows Defender (or at least
    those items that affect IE7). Or turn off Web Shield and use Defender. Once
    you've done that, do this to see if Security Center's Windows Firewall
    status can be fixed :

    Right-click Command Prompt and Run as Administrator. Type the following

    winmgmt /verifyrepository

    If the system returns "WMI repository is not consistent", run this command:

    winmgmt /salvagerepository

    The first time you run this it will fail. (It will issue stop commands to
    the services causing it to fail. It might take a couple minutes for the
    services to shut down). Run the command again. You actually may have to
    run it 3 times before it finally runs and completes on its own.

    Reboot your system.

    In terms of "throwing the baby out with the bathwater", consider this. The
    point of Anti-Virus programs, etc., is to keep you computer usable, stable,
    and safe. If you over-do the programs, you may have defeated your
    purpose. Six SFC non-repairable items is not the norm...

    dean-dean, May 14, 2007
  19. LoneStar

    dean-dean Guest

    Hi William. Did you ever locate Locate? I hope you saw my instructions in
    that other SFC thread...

    Anyway, you can reinstall Windows on the same computer as many times as you
    want, because activation pairs the Windows product key with information
    about your computer's hardware. If you make a significant hardware change,
    you might have to activate Windows again. Basically, a Windows license is
    tied to a single computer, and not to a person. There's no tally kept of
    how many time you intall Vista.
    dean-dean, May 14, 2007
  20. LoneStar

    nweissma Guest

    message is that "repository is consistent"

    nweissma, May 14, 2007
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