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Discussion in 'Windows Vista Performance' started by LoneStar, May 9, 2007.

  1. LoneStar

    dean-dean Guest

    That's actually not good news. Darn.

    If Security Center is showing that Windows Firewall is Off, are you able to
    open Control Panel > Windows Firewall, and, after clicking on "Change
    settings", when the Windows Firewall Settings dialog shows up, on its
    General tab, turn it On? On the Advanced tab, do your Network Connections
    have a checkmark? Also on the Advanced tab, can you Restore Defaults?

    dean-dean, May 14, 2007
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  2. LoneStar

    nweissma Guest

    i don't see the tabs -general and advanced - that you are talking about (i am
    using vista), but i can tell you that i cannot turn on windows, and "network
    connections" may be available to me when i log on as administrator (i
    recollect seeing it, in control panel, i think) - it is inconvenient for me
    to do that right now. if you send me your email, i wills end you the
    appropriate screenshot. my email is:

    i have been surfing without a firewall for three weeks because i want to
    avoid a firewall conflict: if i install a 3rd party firewall, and then learn
    that windows firewall IS working despite that it reports that it is not.

    nweissma, May 15, 2007
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  3. LoneStar

    dean-dean Guest

    The Windows Fire Wall Settings window has three tabs, named General,
    Exceptions, and Advanced. It is actually this file:


    Do you have that file on your computer? Opening that file (right-click and
    Run as Administrator) is the same as clicking on "Change settings" in
    Control Panel > Windows Firewall (not to be confused with Control Panel >
    Security Center). The "Network Connections" I was referring to is a setting
    on the Advanced tab, which you select to have firewalled (e.g., your LAN
    connection or your Wireless Network connection). By default, they are

    I understand that you're probably none too happy with me regarding my take
    on too many Anti-Malware programs installed on Vista, but you might want to
    take a look at a recent post by Richard Urban concerning Spybot S & D, under
    the subject "KB931768 problem - ***solved***" found in


    This blog, too, is very interesting (take note of the line in the article
    "...the IE rendering engine will check the registry for entries in IE's
    Restricted Sites zone **every time you type a character***." Not that that
    applies to your situation, per se, but it's one symptom of the over-all
    issue of IE7 performance problems, and by extension, Vista problems):


    dean-dean, May 15, 2007
  4. LoneStar

    nweissma Guest


    i needed a hiatus from all this! so i shut off the computer, unplugged the
    bridge, for 7 days!!

    i do *not* have too many antimalwares: i have only one oa av (avast) and no
    3rd party oa antispyware, no oa antiadware - i think! the only oa
    antispyware/adware is windows defender and, if it is indeed operative
    (despite reporting itself as "not operative"), windows firewall. all the rest
    are, as far as i know, od's (scanners). but there is a nagging doubt about
    some of them: for example, does spybot intersect with windows defender??


    i ran as administrator C:\Windows\System32\FirewallSettings.exe. the result
    was, as always: "due to an unidentified problem, windows cannot display
    windows firewall settings." {therefore, of course, i cannot see the three
    tabs that you describe}

    i have not yet read the kb article by R. Urban; thank you for the lead. i
    will pursue it immediately! but i want npow to bring to your attention {boy,
    this forum nNEEDS a spell-check - these typos are killinm' me!!!} that spybot
    op[erates in 2 modes, basic and adfvanced. sopybot does warn that switching
    to advanced may "harm your system."

    Dean, i appreciate your involvement in my case. but i need to tell youy that
    i am not at a point of competency where i can uyndewrstansd everythinfg that
    you are sayinfg ("IE's restricted sites zone" = ????)

    what do you tghink i shouyld do: should i proceed on thge assumption that
    windows firewall rep[orting itself as noperayive (nonoperative) is true, and
    therebty install a 3rd party firewall; or should i assume, as per ms
    technician's reading of a log frpom a scan that he prescribed, that the
    windows firewall *is* operative, despitye tjat it reports that it is not, and
    thereupon *not* install a third party firewall (and i will thereby be
    unprotected by a firewall)?

    thnaks. {damn typos}

    nweissma, May 22, 2007
  5. LoneStar

    nweissma Guest

    Hello Dean,

    just read the articles. i can keep it in mind but i see nothing that
    immediately has relevance to windows firewall or ie7 trouble with
    ajax-technology. that there is trouble afoot with ie7, that ie7 has "bugs,"
    is undeniable - but, given the complexity of microsoft os's, i doubt that it
    will *ever* run completely trouble-free - it has to be too many things to too
    many people of too varied a background. i've reconciled myself to live with
    it - until i've graduated from newbie status.

    nweissma, May 22, 2007
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