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Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by Terraslate, Oct 23, 2006.

  1. Terraslate

    Terraslate Guest

    the new ie7 ui is terrible. i could rant on the same with office 2007 as
    well but that would be off topic. i really hate it so much i am going to
    uninstall it. i really am so pro microsoft - but this time you've changed
    something so good and brilliant about the whole windows experience - the
    unifrom experience of menus and toolbars. you've destoryed that interaction
    we had - you and me - in a microsoft world - you know - you let me do things
    the way i want - and you provide decent derfaults.

    no - this time you think you do it how you want - and i am stuck with
    stuupid menu buttons and ridiculous locations for my homew buttons - a search
    bar i don;t use - and loads of other useless junk. the only nice thing is
    the client window area and its improved speed, layout and zoom / printing
    layers. the rest you can just bang in the recycle bin for all i care.

    i feel handicapped, seriously, using your new ui. its like claustrophobia
    and stress everytime i want to do something which i;ve been doing for many
    years as a matter of course - now its all gone. bolox to this - i am
    uninstalling and i won;t be buying office after beta unless you guysd let me
    work the way i want. you gotta let me turn off these features like the same
    way every dev i know switches off the windows themes and reverts back to
    classic view for menus and everything. does anyone use this new unsuable

    however, that said, i will be buying vista cos that looks well cool. maybe
    under vistas it might all make snese - but right now - its sh1te.

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    Terraslate, Oct 23, 2006
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  2. Terraslate

    BillD Guest

    I like the new UI. It's compact and very user friendly
    BillD, Oct 23, 2006
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  3. Terraslate

    Tom Lake Guest

    but this time you've changed
    The new Vista experience will be a uniform experience, too. IE7 (and Office
    is a look at what the entire interface will look like. I don't like it, but
    I'll have to get used to it sooner or later. It might as well be sooner.

    Tom Lake
    Tom Lake, Oct 23, 2006
  4. Change does not always appear to be in one's best interests, but look back
    at Win 3.11 and the changes that have occurred since then..
    Mike Hall - MS MVP Windows Shell/User, Oct 23, 2006
  5. Terraslate

    Gordon Guest

    Tom Lake wrote:

    Why? There are alternative Operating Systems....
    Gordon, Oct 23, 2006
  6. Terraslate

    Gordon Guest

    But not /all/ for the best ;-)
    Gordon, Oct 23, 2006
  7. Terraslate

    Terraslate Guest

    hence why i said i'd go to vista - frankly in the hope i could switch off
    those bits of it i don't like - whilst still retaining those bits i do like.
    right now i am stuck with a ui which is unfriendly to me. its alright billd
    above here saying he likes it - but he has missed the point entirely. good
    for billd - i don't like it and neither do many other people i speak to - so
    why not let me customise it - that way bill can like it and i can like it to.

    i am not on vista right now - i don't want a semi vista expierience on a non
    vista pc. as for the new office ui - i may have to get used to it - i admit
    - but that doesn't mean microsoft are right. all this means is i will stick
    with microsoft because my livelihood depends on it - but i will probably fire
    up firefox a bit more often - and i'll probably stick with the version of
    office i have right now right up until it is no longer useful. maybe by
    then i might have come round - i doubt it though cos bad ui sucks and
    microsoft know full well you get your impressions in a micro second.

    that ridiculous wow factor looks good in a demo ribbon - go on - tell me how
    many clicks to paste something if you aren;t able to see the paste button at
    the immediate time (because its not always visible) . oh and in your new ie7
    - where's the send shortcut to desktop if its so intuitive and easy to use?
    Terraslate, Oct 23, 2006
  8. Terraslate

    Dan Guest

    You know that's starting to get a little patronizing, acting as if "change"
    is good for us and we just have to accept it.. We're your customers Mike, if
    we want change we'll tell you. How many many people across the country were
    saying, yeah please redo the interface from the customizable, CHANGEABLE
    (since Microsoft seems so obsessed with that word these days) IE6 to the
    tacky, childish uncustomizeable IE7? Sure, I used to read the geeks in a few
    online sites recommend this foolishness but other than that, I'll bet not
    very many of your average users.
    Dan, Oct 23, 2006
  9. Terraslate

    Tom Lake Guest

    I'll have to get used to it sooner or later.
    For my home machine, sure. For work, MS is King. 8^(

    Tom Lake
    Tom Lake, Oct 23, 2006
  10. Terraslate

    Terraslate Guest

    hear hear. change is only good if it is for the better. how can you go one
    step back and claim it is good for us?

    the days are coming to an end when the developer and IT community will
    listen to this garbage about change always being required. the wheel hasn't
    changed a bit - its still round and its worked tens of thousands of years ago
    the same as it does now.

    IT is in its infancy but already the signs are that just like recorded music
    it seems that things are constantly being repacakged and rehashed as if the
    next "version" of the same song is going to always be better - this rhetoric
    is just plain old boring as are the boy band rehahses of classics too. IE7
    UI is boy band version of IE6 - appeals to teenager, mum and dad, child and
    grandma. Erm - what about me who makes my living off this sh1te - i want to
    get some real stuff done - not keep supporting change which wasn't required.

    Classic Windows is the most productive environment to date - as shown in the
    hundreds of millions of unit sold. Whats your problem with that microsoft?

    We never needed a rehashed ui because the old one worked. You could have
    spent your time and effort making what worked well work better - or perhaps
    in releasing vista on time.
    Terraslate, Oct 23, 2006
  11. Compact? With the menu bar on it takes minimum 3 lines.
    My IE6 had everything on ONE line (just as my Firefox).
    Lars-Erik Østerud, Oct 23, 2006
  12. Why, XP will stay with us just as long as Win98se did...
    Lars-Erik Østerud, Oct 23, 2006
  13. I don't think Vista will be a hit here... Programmers and integrators
    will hate the lack of all customization... And Vista well require to
    much CPU as well... So I hope they'll stick with XP and 2000..
    Lars-Erik Østerud, Oct 23, 2006
  14. Can't use change the Start Menu to classic and turn off Themes in
    Vista either (if that is true then MS must want to scare us away)
    Lars-Erik Østerud, Oct 23, 2006
  15. Exacly, then why take a huge step back. OK; design a new look. But
    WHY can't we still have the possibility to move things around. That
    was the best news ever when it was done possible in XP and IE6
    Lars-Erik Østerud, Oct 23, 2006
  16. Terraslate

    BillD Guest

    IE6 doesn't have the tabs.
    BillD, Oct 23, 2006
  17. Terraslate

    Dan Guest

    And it also doesn't have a command or address bar that can't be removed and
    sticks out like a sore thumb.

    If you like IE7 that's great but the vast majority of us who detest the
    movement by Microsoft and other software companies away from the ability to
    customize are going to make our concerns known. The only thing these
    companies understand anyway is money and if they start losing it well guess
    what, their ears will perk up pretty fast.
    Dan, Oct 23, 2006
  18. Terraslate

    AC Guest

    I am not keen on certain aspects of the GUI but, after some investigation and
    well hidden away, there are things that you can do. For example:

    If you want to move the 'Menu Bar' to the top, above the Address Bar, then
    do the following:

    Type gpedit.msc

    User Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Internet

    Right-click on 'Moving the menu bar above the navigation bar' then click

    Select 'Enabled' then 'OK'

    Restart IE7

    There are other options in here, including getting rid of the Search Bar.


    AC, Oct 23, 2006
  19. Nope, but they could have added them like in Firefox.
    There they are not visible if you browse only one page.
    In IE7 the menyicons-things (to the left) occupies the line.

    See here:
    Lars-Erik Østerud, Oct 23, 2006
  20. Terraslate

    Dan Guest

    We better not give Microsoft any ideas, they might start working on a wheel
    in the shape of a triangle then demand we accept its impracticality in the
    name of "change". :)
    Dan, Oct 23, 2006
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