Shares on server 2008 setup help

Discussion in 'Server Networking' started by Kim K, Mar 24, 2010.

  1. Kim K

    Kim K Guest

    I am trying to move my shares from an 03 server to a new 08 server. I am
    having trouble with a few things if I can get some assistance please?

    Copied shared folder to new server
    in 2008, I right click on the folder and select Advanced Sharing
    Check share this folder, click permissions & make sure that the
    READ/Change/Full is set accordingly

    On the security Tab - clicked Advanced - Edit
    I uncheck Include Inheritable permissions and checked Replaced ALl existing
    I added the group sharing this folder which gives them all permissions
    except delete and full
    I edit my login script to launch this mapping on startup

    I have gotten two different things, one that never launches this drive, and
    on 4 occasions it launched but said "Disconnected network drive."

    In both situations if I go to Run and type in the netowrk path the drive
    opens adn I am able to do as I want, so what am I doing wrong?

    I am thanking in advance as no help is to be had in here today from anyone I
    have asked it from and this is the first 2008 server I have laid hands on.

    Frustrated and needing a drink!
    Kim K, Mar 24, 2010
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