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    DVD movie still plays essential role in our audio/video daily life in
    spite of prosperity of online video and handheld devices. The problem is
    that DVD movie is not editable and you can only watch the movie the way
    it is presented on the disk. This is a time of individual customization
    and showing your own style, why not tries to edit a movie and watch it
    in whatever way you like. To edit the DVD movie, you need to convert DVD
    to AVI firstly and then import the exported AVI videos to Adobe
    Premiere, Windows Movie Maker, and Sony Vegas etc. First let us start
    from what is AVI.

    About AVI
    AVI stands for Audio Video Interleave Which is defined by Microsoft. It
    can work as a container to be embedded with different codec, such as
    DivX, XviD, etc. The AVI video generally brings high quality, but
    occupies larger disk space. It is suitable for further video editing.

    To edit DVD with Windows movie maker, you need a DVD Ripper to convert
    DVD to AVI. 'Pavtube DVD Ripper' (http://www.pavtube.com/dvd_ripper/)
    offers AVI formats with various codec, which will certainly meet your
    needs to play, and edit video etc
    1. Run Pavtube DVD Ripper
    If you have not installed it yet, please download the free trial
    version of Pavtube DVD Ripper.

    2. Add DVD video by clicking "DVD ROM “or "DVD Folder or IFO File ".
    [image: http://www.pavtube.com/images/dvd/load_dvd_avi.jpg]
    3. Choose the AVI format on the "Format" drop down box.
    There are 6 profiles with AVI as output format.
    [image: http://www.pavtube.com/images/dvd/dvd_avi_2.jpg]
    Pavtube DVD Ripper offer several options for AVI with uncompressed
    codec and less compressed codec. The uncompressed codec is available for
    the profile "Losseless uncompressed avi". The profile is set with
    recommended settings, and you can also change the output format by
    clicking the "Settings" button. There are six video codec for
    uncompressed AVI: BGR24, RGB555, YUY2, UYVY, and RGBA32.
    [image: http://www.pavtube.com/images/dvd/dvd_avi_3.jpg]
    channel with the video, as the effect is the same as that with RGBA32.
    Choose RGBA32 if there is alpha channel.

    There are 5 profiles for AVI with less compressed codec, AVI – Audio
    Video Interleaved, XVID Video, DIVX Video, AVI with DV Codec, Creative
    Zen Player Video.

    The profile for Creative Zen Player Video is particular for Creative
    Zen with preset image dimension and video bit rate. You can choose the
    codec from DivX and XviD.
    DV AVI can be transferred to digital camcorder.

    4. Check the box to start Converting
    After conversion, just click the "Open" button, and you will find the
    output AVI files.

    Now you have got the output AVI videos, and the rest of the work goes
    to video editing software. Let’s take Windows movie maker for example.
    Step1: Import your video. Get your video onto your computer any way you
    need too. Open Windows Movie Maker.
    [image: http://www.pavtube.com/images/promotion/wmm_1.jpg]
    Step2: Edit your AVI video. Open your storyboard by clicking "View
    storyboard." Your storyboard will be your timeline and where you will do
    most of your editing. For you movie folks we can call it your "cutting
    room floor." To put your video in the storyboard, drag it from your
    library to the storyboard. Click the plus sign on your timeline so you
    can see video and audio lines. If you want to add extra audio to your
    piece, import it the same way you did your video.
    Step3: Play your AVI video and watch for where you want to cut and
    delete the extraneous video. Place your timeline cursor (the blue line
    that crosses perpendicular to the timeline) where you want to cut your
    video and split it by choosing "Edit split." Split your original video
    as many times as you want. Once you split the video you see the rest of
    the original video in your library. Delete the video you don't want by
    pressing "Delete" on your keyboard.
    Step4: Add video by dragging it to the storyboard. Make sure your
    cursor is where you want it on the timeline because the program will
    automatically place your audio track where your cursor is. You will
    notice your audio track goes into the audio space on your timeline. To
    edit audio follow the same steps as the video.
    harvey438, Apr 17, 2009
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    livelybunny09, Apr 17, 2009
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  3. What a load of crap, this guy has obviously never tried to edit video with
    movie maker and doesn't know the difference between different avi file types

    Graham Hughes
    MVP Digital Media

    Graham Hughes, Apr 17, 2009
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