Should I house a DNS server in all 4 of my sites?

Discussion in 'DNS Server' started by ScottV, Feb 24, 2006.

  1. ScottV

    ScottV Guest

    Hello all. I have 4 sites in my domain. All sites are linked via VPN to
    each other.

    Site A - DNS Server is called ONE (primary)
    Site B - DNS Server is called TWO (secondary)
    Site C - DNS servers listed in TCP/IP are ONE, TWO
    Site D - DNS servers listed in TCP/IP are TWO, ONE

    Should I put DNS servers in the other two sites?
    How much DNS traffic is being created over the VPN?
    ScottV, Feb 24, 2006
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  2. ScottV

    John Smith Guest

    If each of your sites are at different locations i would recommend placing
    secondary DNS servers on those sites for speedy name resolution and
    redundancy. If your VPN connection to your sites is pretty good, how bout
    switching over to DNS with Active directory integration, this way all domain
    controllers with AD-I DNS become primary servers and store copys of the zone
    on them. Just control replication with active directory sites and services
    John Smith, Feb 24, 2006
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  3. ScottV

    Herb Martin Guest

    Almost certainly. (If they are AD sites.)
    Not much compared with moving SERVICE data (File,
    Printer, HTTP etc.).

    The question to ask yourself is:

    "Since there are no DCs at those other LOCATIONS, are
    the users going to lose access to RESOURCES if there
    is no DNS there?"

    If all resources are with the DCs (remote) little or nothing
    will be lost when the WAN is down. If there are local
    resources you might decide that access to them is critical
    and THEN you might even need a DC in those locations.

    Key points: Access to domain resources requires domain
    authentication (through DCs).

    AD Authentication generally requires DNS.

    Access to most resources requires that the name be resolved.
    DNS is one way (a major way) to resolve resource names.

    Generally we consider a WAN line to be relatively unreliable
    and so if access is required it must (generally) work when WAN
    is down.

    The answer to these questions and these key points drive the
    decision about which servers (DC/DNS) need to be added locally.

    Once you have this perspective you trade it against Cost and
    easy of management by adding or not adding the extra servers
    or services.
    Herb Martin, Feb 24, 2006
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