should i? would i? upgrade from xp to vista basic?

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Performance' started by Russell, Nov 24, 2007.

  1. Russell

    Russell Guest

    now that vista is in nearly every new computer on earth, i will assume that
    most of the bugs are worked out.
    so, my desktop came with windows xp.
    i recently downloaded and ran that windows vista upgrade advisor thing, and
    apparently my computer can upgrade, with very few issues, the basic windows

    my question is two fold.

    1. has anyone upgraded their xp operating system to any version of vista,
    and liked it? suffered no ill effects? and are very happy you did this?

    2. should i decide to upgrade from my xp system to windows vista basic, can
    i roll back to xp thru, say, add/remove, if my system suffers dramatically?

    all comments, negative and positive are desired. i want to know what im
    getting into before i do this....if i do it.

    thanks folks

    russell munson
    Russell, Nov 24, 2007
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  2. Russell

    Max Guest

    a) Never assume that.

    1) Yes, I'm sure many people have done that--some are happy, some are not.
    2) If the 'Upgrade Advisor' suggested Vista Basic, your machine in it's
    current form is marginal at best.
    2b) No, there is no easy or automatic rollback. To reinstall XP you would
    likely need to format the drive and start over.
    Max, Nov 24, 2007
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  3. Russell

    Naku Guest

    If your a gamer I'd dual boot it with XP.....cus i was forced to upgrade to
    home basic and iv had to reinstalls ONE game 4 times and another game twice
    and oblivion sounds screws up sometimes and refuses to run in full screen
    when i have 4 times the power required to play any of these games i have all
    the patches for the games and all the updates for vista so install at your
    own risk...
    Naku, Nov 24, 2007
  4. Russell

    woody Guest

    I upgraded from XP, and so far am not happy. My upgrade was to "home premium".
    I'm on these boards because my computer now acts like it's 10 years old,
    when it's only 1 year old. very slow! but the guys on this forum are trying
    to help me get it right. we'll see.
    woody, Nov 24, 2007

  5. Vista needs considerably more/faster hardware than XP. In particular
    it needs a lot more RAM. How much do you have (and what is the rest of
    your hardware configuration)? The lack of RAM may well be the reason
    for the slowness.
    Ken Blake, MVP, Nov 25, 2007
  6. Russell

    comphulk Guest

    It depends on what you're expectations for Vista is. If you just want
    to be up to date with Microsoft's new operating system, then that's
    fine. If you want to do some heavy work though, like gaming or photo
    management, it's better to shell out the bucks for Home Premium or

    Note that the aero glass can also be enabled in Basic, you just need a
    little registry 'tweaking'.
    comphulk, Nov 25, 2007
  7. Russell

    Russell Guest

    well, that really pretty much clears it up for me.
    i will leave my system alone. wait until its time for a new computer to get
    i love my xp anyway, but i like to keep current.
    but in this case, i will leave well enough alone

    thank you guys. i really appreciate your replies. everyone of you had
    something helpful to add, and im convinced.

    thanks dudes and dudettes.

    Russell, Nov 25, 2007
  8. Russell

    Russell Guest

    your right. if you assume you make an........well, you are right sir.
    your post informing me of the inability to roll back my system to the way it
    is now was most helpful in my decision.
    thanks max
    Russell, Nov 25, 2007
  9. Russell

    Russell Guest

    woody, your reply scared the vista right outta me. ive heard other say the
    same thing. slows the system down. and i do alot of stuff, have alot of
    programs on my computer.
    so, thanks. no vista for me.
    Russell, Nov 25, 2007
  10. Russell

    Russell Guest

    comphulk, your mention of photo work put the finishing touches on my decision.
    photowork is what i do. its what my computer is most geared to, and i
    dont/cant mess with that.
    thanks bud, or budette as the case me be.
    Russell, Nov 25, 2007
  11. Russell

    Russell Guest

    im not a gamer in the sense you mean, naku. but should i decide to download
    HALO, i want to be able to play it. vista can wait, and thanks for your
    Russell, Nov 25, 2007
  12. Russell

    Russell Guest

    woody, i think i put my reply to your post in the wrong spot. so i wanted to
    say again that your post freaked me out the most.
    i love my xp system, it works fine. why in the world should i do anything
    that might make my computer act any older than it already is..(and getting
    older quickly, but thats ok).
    thanks woody. vista can stay in microsofts servers for now. i will get a
    new computer soon enought and by then, who knows, there will probably be
    another OS even "better" that vista.
    Russell, Nov 25, 2007
  13. Russell

    Russell Guest

    that makes sense, ken. like any other installation, vista's gonna take up
    more of my ram. ive got a lot of stuff on my computer, mostly photoshop
    stuff, photo programs, and if vista takes that much ram to run, then i would
    most certainly have issues.
    thanks for your sub reply. very helpful
    Russell, Nov 25, 2007
  14. Russell

    woody Guest

    I have 1024 MB of ram, Intel core duo E6300 processor, Intel graphics media
    acceleraor 3000, and my "vista experience score" is 3.5. I understand from
    you and others that 2 GB of ram is prefferred, however why didn't microsoft
    tell me that before I went to the trouble of installing Vista? Now I'm stuck
    with an underpowered system for Vista and forced to pay up for more memory in
    order to do the exact same things I did before with XP. All for slightly
    cooler looking wndows and a gadget bar. woohoo, what a deal...
    woody, Nov 25, 2007
  15. Russell

    woody Guest

    You're quite welcome Russell. I'm still holding out hope that I can tweak
    this thing to work without coughing up a few hundred bucks to make it right.
    woody, Nov 25, 2007

  16. You're welcome. Glad to help.

    In particular, if you run PhotoShop, you need *lots* of memory. Many
    people *without* PhotoShop need 2GB. With it, you probably need even
    more. Very rarely does a machine upgraded from XP have enough RAM for
    Vista with Photoshop. It's not be surprising that you're not happy
    with the results.
    Ken Blake, MVP, Nov 25, 2007
  17. Russell

    Charlie42 Guest

    Actually, an XP to Vista upgrade *can* be rolled back:

    Charlie42, Nov 25, 2007

  18. Although some others say that, I'm not willing to do so. How much RAM
    you need for good performance depends on what apps you run and what
    you do with them. For many people running Vista, 1GB *is* enough;
    others need 2GB or more.

    Two points:

    1. As I said above, it's not a one-size-fits-all situation. Different
    people need different amounts of RAM for decent performance, depending
    on how they use they computer. Microsoft doesn't know how you use your

    2. Microsoft has a long history of telling people the *minimum*
    requirements to run a particular software product, not the
    requirements to run with what might be considered adequate
    performance. That's for three reasons:

    a. Adequate performance, as I said above,
    depends on what you do.

    b. Your view of what constitutes adequate
    performance might not be the same as mine. My
    wife, for example, is satisfied with performance
    that would drive me crazy, and resists my
    offers to upgrade her computer.

    c. Like other vendors selling products of any
    type, they want to convince you to buy,
    not scare you away. The grocery store, when it
    advertises steak for $2.99 a pound, doesn't tell
    you that it's 40% bone and 20% fat either.

    If you need an extra RAM of memory, yes it costs extra, but
    fortunately not very much. RAM is pretty cheap these days.

    If you think the improvements in Vista were not worth the cost of
    upgrading, OK, but you have nobody but yourself to blame for not doing
    your homework before buying it. Simply believing what the ads tell
    you, whether you're buying an operating system, steak, or anything
    else, is foolhardy, and will cause you to waste a lot of money over
    the years.

    If you had asked my opinion before deciding to upgrade, I would have
    given you my standard answer, as follows:

    A change of operating system should be driven by need, not just
    because there is a new version available. Are you having a problem
    with Windows XP that you expect Vista to solve? Do you have or expect
    to get new hardware or software that is supported in Vista, but not in
    XP? Is there some new feature in Vista that you need or yearn for?
    Does your job require you have skills in Vista? Are you a computer
    hobbyist who enjoys playing with whatever is newest?

    If the answer to one or more of those questions is yes (and your
    hardware is adequate for Vista), then you should get Vista. Otherwise
    most people should stick with what they have. There is *always* a
    learning curve and a potential for problems when you take a step as
    big as this one, regardless of how wonderful whatever you're
    contemplating moving to is. Sooner or later you'll have to upgrade (to
    Vista or its successor) because you'll want support for hardware or
    software that you can't get in Vista, but don't rush it.

    I say all the above despite the fact that I'm a big Vista fan. I think
    it's the best and most stable of all versions of Windows.

    But for someone contemplating buying a new system, and wondering what
    operating system to get with it, I definitely recommend Vista.
    Ken Blake, MVP, Nov 25, 2007
  19. Russell

    Russell Guest

    charlie, your saying there is a way to put my operating system BACK to XP,
    should i find to many conflicts with a vista basic upgrade?
    would you help me understand how to do this?

    Russell, Nov 29, 2007
  20. Russell

    Russell Guest

    yes, that would certainly be a problem. my OS was meant to run xp, and vista,
    along with the stuff ive uploaded to my computer since i got it, would
    definately tax the memory and the power i have to run these programs. i can
    foresee my computer freezing and blowing up, should i try and make it run
    what it doesnt have the power to run.

    i always want to be using the most current software and programs on my
    computer....especially the operating system, (after beta of course), so i
    think its time to get a new computer. one that has vista installed, and
    one that has other programs bundled into the computer, that are compatible
    with vista.

    so, maybe after christmas i will start looking for a nice shiny new
    computer. not too expensive, something with mostly media and photo software,
    and the other normal microsoft stuff that comes with a new computer. IE7, and
    vista of course.
    any recomendations? this computer is an HP pavilion, 70 gigs of hard drive,
    not even sure what the ram is on it. i know nothing about the hardware stuff

    but, ive enjoyed this computer for about 5 years now, and ive not even come
    close to using up half of the hard drive space. and ive got hundreds and
    hundreds of photos and mp3's on the thing.
    so my first choice would be another HP.
    You? what computer would you recommend?

    thanks ken
    Russell, Nov 29, 2007
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