should i? would i? upgrade from xp to vista basic?

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Performance' started by Russell, Nov 24, 2007.

  1. Russell

    Russell Guest

    woody, man, i sympathize with you dude. and your right....its those
    commercials that show us how cool that vista 3d stuff looks, and the way
    those folders scroll across the screen like a hologram fan or something.
    so, yeah, its a tempting thing.
    but its posts like yours, even tho youve had issues, that can guide the rest
    of us into not making that decision that screws the 'puter up.

    so thanks for posting man. of course, some will "give vista a try" anyway,
    and thats ok for them i guess. but for me, im not gonna fix what aint broken.

    thanks woody
    Russell, Nov 29, 2007
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  2. Russell

    Russell Guest

    im with you woody. ive been perusing these discussion boards to get a feel
    for everyones experience with upgrading from xp to vista, and i gotta say
    that most people are like you. unhappy with the results and looking for a
    way to tweak it and make it right.
    did you see the reply up above by Charlie42, who says there IS a way to roll
    back to XP, from a vista upgrade?
    he doesnt explain, but maybe he knows something we dont, hmm?
    i replied to his reply and asked him to explain, so i will be checking back
    in to see what he means.

    so bro, i hope you can find a way to make your vista OS work properly.
    if you find a fix for your issue, post it and let us know, would you?

    thanks woody.
    Russell, Nov 29, 2007
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  3. Russell

    Charlie42 Guest

    When you upgrade from XP to Vista, a folder named c:\windows.OLD is created
    on your hard drive by the new OS. It contains the legacy OS and user files.
    Should you decide to roll back to XP at a later time, the contents of this
    folder will be used. Do not delete it.

    Note 1: You must make sure you have the folder windows.OLD on the C: drive
    of your new OS. Without it, there's no way of rolling back.
    Note 2: Back up before you do anything else.
    Note 3: Keep in mind that this method comes with no guarantees.

    You use the Vista installation media to roll back, this includes some
    command line work in Recovery. In short, what you do is to cut off Vista by
    renaming its Windows folder to something else, enable XP by copying it's
    folder back to where it belongs, restore the XP boot sector and boot.ini
    file, and then reboot while holding your breath.

    Take a close look at the step-by-step instructions in the link I gave you.
    Print them out before you start a roll back:

    Charlie42, Nov 29, 2007

  4. Whenever a new version of *anything* comes out, you always read about
    problems with it, in newsgroups like this one. But realize two things:

    1. If you're reading about problems *here*, this where people come
    with their problems, not with their successes. You get a very
    distorted view of what's going on in the real world here; as someone
    once said, "hang around a transmission shop and you will think that
    all cars have transmission problems."

    2. Most problems, by far, that people report here have nothing to do
    with defects in the software. They result from people's ignorance,
    from bad or inadequate hardware, from old drivers, from viruses, from
    spyware, and so on. And except for very rare situations, they always
    get a fix for their problems, and in most cases, that fix is a very
    simple one to implement.
    Ken Blake, MVP, Nov 29, 2007
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