Shrink problems/partition problems HELP

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Performance' started by TedT, Jun 21, 2008.

  1. TedT

    TedT Guest

    I replaced my 160gig hard drive with a 320 Samsung. I used TrueImage to
    make a clone and it has been fine for a month. Today I decided to add an XP

    I looked at the exisiting partitions. There was a:
    -110meg (EISA use or something),
    - a 20gig recovery and
    - a 230 main.
    - I also saw a 3.99 gig that was healthy but did not appear to be formatted.
    I shrunk the 230 gig down by 30 gig and created a 30 gig partion. When I
    tried to do a "New Simple Volume", it got to the end and then said I had too
    many partions. I read somewhere 4 was max. Sicne I had no idea where the
    3.99 gig came from and was not formatted, I deleted it and then expanded the
    230 to add the 3.99 gig, which it did.

    But, when I tried to shrink it down again for the XP partition, it said I
    only had 4 gig available. o I hoigh I would try to go back, I did shrink it
    by 4 gig, and created the 4 gig partion again. But now the 230 says I cnanot
    shrink at all.

    So, first, does anyone know what the 3.99gig partion was there for - could
    it have been bad sectors or something? And how can I get a usable 4th
    aprtion to install XP?

    TedT, Jun 21, 2008
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