Shutdown after logoff

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by Jim Brook, Sep 17, 2007.

  1. Jim Brook

    Jim Brook Guest

    I have a Vista installation (business) which works pretty well except that
    every time I log off the computer reboots. It will do this even if the
    computer has just started.

    I would be grateful for suggestions as to what I might try to overcome this


    Jim Brook, Sep 17, 2007
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  2. Jim Brook

    Dwarf Guest

    Hi JimB,

    Do you mean log off or shutdown? Logging off just means that the session for
    the current user is ended - if you are the only user and there is only one
    account which is not password protected then the machine might log you back
    in automatically if
    the group policy is set to do this. If the group policy is set to
    automatically fill in the password then this will also automatically log you
    back in. As I only have Vista Home Premium, I do not have group policy on my
    machine so am unable to help if this is the case.
    Do you log off via the start menu or via a key on your keyboard? The problem
    could be down to a numberof reasons. Most machines have a function called
    Wake on Lan (WOL) or similar and some can also be set to wake up from the
    keyboard or from moving the mouse (even knocking it accidentally or the
    vibration from your machine might be enough to trigger this). You will need
    to check your BIOS for these settings. If you have a keyboard with
    programmable keys, check to see whether the function of the log-off key is
    correct or whether it is programmed to restart instead.You might also like to
    check the settings for the main power button in the BIOS as well - the
    settings will probably be disabled, instant power off and power off after x
    seconds (usually 4). Select the latter and see what happens when you press
    the main power button - this is the button on your base unit and not the
    button on your keyboard. If your machine restarts then you might need to
    recheck the settings for WOL as described above. Note that on modern
    motherboards there is always power on the board even when the system is
    powered down - the only time when there isn't is when you switch off at the
    mains socket. Finally you might like to check the power settings in the
    control panel.
    Dwarf, Sep 17, 2007
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