Sick to death of unreliable operating systems and tools.

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Help' started by javax.swing.JSnarker, Apr 18, 2011.

  1. This is ridiculous. I get a .psd forwarded to me, so I fire up Photoshop
    on my Vista box, wait a few minutes for the splash screen to go away,
    and drag and drop the .psd into it.

    Both the Photoshop window and the Explorer window with the .psd file
    hang as soon as the mouse pointer hits the Photoshop window, and
    *before* I let go of the mouse button.

    I wait five minutes. No recovery. I wait another five. Status quo.

    So I decide to kill the Photoshop process and restart Photoshop to try
    again, maybe this time using the tedious method of File->Open and
    navigating a file browser dialog to find the stupid .psd file.

    Only nothing happens when I End Task Photoshop in Task Manager. I go to
    Processes, find it there, End Process -- also no effect.

    OK, this calls for the big guns. Pull up ProcessExplorer. Find
    Photoshop. End process.

    No dice.

    WHAT THE ****, MAN?!

    That's at least FOUR separate bugs in various tools, TWO of which are
    Microsoft's, ALL of them seemingly conspiring to stop me either viewing
    this fucking .psd file OR cancelling out of the attempt.

    1. The Photoshop hang. Bug in Photoshop CS2. Applications should never
    hang. If Photoshop doesn't like the .psd file for whatever reason
    it should give a sensible error message rather than die like that.

    2. The Explorer window hang. Bug in Microsoft Explorer. Applications
    should never hang.

    3. Task Manager silently fails to end the Photoshop process, even when
    used from the Administrator account. Bug in Microsoft Task Manager.
    When logged in as Administrator someone should be able to terminate
    any process they fucking well please and it should succeed
    immediately and 100% of the time.

    4. Bug in SysInternals' ProcessExplorer. Same reasoning.

    Time to reboot this fucking box for probably the fifth time or so today,

    I'm getting sorely tempted to switch to Linux. If that is there is a
    usable port of Photoshop to that OS.
    javax.swing.JSnarker, Apr 18, 2011
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  2. Translation: not a *usable* port...
    javax.swing.JSnarker, Jun 15, 2011
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  3. javax.swing.JSnarker

    Paul Guest

    Linux uses "GIMP" - Takes a bit of learning curve
    Paul, Jun 15, 2011
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