sid history and ADMT

Discussion in 'Active Directory' started by cgijag, Aug 30, 2005.

  1. cgijag

    cgijag Guest

    Have a problem. A large batch of users were migrated from a Win2000 DC to a
    new Windows 2003 DC. The migrage sid history box was not ticked during the
    conversion. The users logged in and changed their passwords and started
    working. Running into an issue where we need sid history for them. Is there
    a way to just migrate sid history that doesn't reset their passwords?

    cgijag, Aug 30, 2005
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  2. cgijag

    Don Wilwol Guest

    I'm assuming your doing an interforest migration, then "no" not with ADMT.
    If you want to migrate passwords you'll need to spring for a 3rd part tool.
    Net IQ and Altiris are 2 that come to mind, but there are numbers of them.

    Hope it helps


    Don Wilwol
    Don Wilwol, Aug 31, 2005
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