Side by Side Configuration is Incorrect...For every program!

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Performance' started by DarkLord1020, Apr 15, 2009.

  1. DarkLord1020

    DarkLord1020 Guest

    I've been site hopping various Vista forums looking for a solution to
    my issue,
    I'm hoping you guys would know a thing or two here

    My problem is this:
    I am running Windows Vista 64 bit on an ASUS laptop and, after some
    "experimenting" with binding EXE's on XP and moving them over to Vista,
    I started receiving the dreaded error message "This program has failed
    to start because it's side by side configuration is incorrect". Now, I'm
    no noob when it comes to computers...
    But I have tried everything I can think of to resolve this problem.
    THe most common solution I have found is to install the Visual C++
    Redistributable, thing is...
    When I run the installation EXE, the same error appears.
    I have attempted running in safe mode, system restore, and all the
    usual options, and every thread with this same problem is often ignored,
    therefore I have not been able to find a solution.

    Can ANYONE here please help me?
    My father needs this laptop for his work...
    and it has been out of commission for almost a week now,
    so any help short of a repair installation would be greatly, greatly

    *This is copy/paste from another thread I have going on another site*
    [although the other site has been very helpful, we haven't gotten

    Program to merge files- EXEJoiner
    Files merged- VLC media player setup and IMGburn setup

    They were merged on my 32-bit XP Pro system and transfered over to my
    64-bit Vista Home Premium system.

    I executed the merged file,
    and it failed to start giving me an error message about being
    incompatible with my system.
    I figured no big, deleted the file, and carried on.

    After restarting my computer shortly afterward,
    I attempted to run Firefox, but it gave me the error message:

    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe

    The application has failed to start because its side-by-side
    configuration is incorrect. Please see the application event log for
    more detail"

    Checking the Event Viewer, I have a boatload of "Side by Side" errors,
    each with an Event ID of 59.

    The error reads: "Activation context generation failed for
    "C:\Windows\sysWOW64\TAPI32.dll", error in manifest or policy file
    [Whew!] on line 0. Invalid XML syntax.

    Does ANYone have ANY idea on ANY possible fixes, short of a re-install?
    Any and all help would be greatly, greatly appreciated!
    DarkLord1020, Apr 15, 2009
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  2. DarkLord1020

    Malke Guest

    There's your problem right there. Why you felt this was A Good Thing to do
    is beyond me but it really doesn't matter.
    This would seem an inaccurate assessment. Or perhaps you've been using
    computers for a long time without really understanding what you are doing.
    And you messed around with your father's laptop? You won't like my answer,
    but you should own up to your father what you did so he can take the
    machine to his office's IT Dept. and get it backed up and restored. If his
    office doesn't have an IT Dept., your father should take his laptop to a
    competent local computer tech (not a BigComputerStore/GeekSquad type of
    place) who will retrieve any data that wasn't backed up and restore the
    machine to factory condition. You irrevocably ruined the Windows
    installation and it needs to be redone completely.

    Malke, Apr 15, 2009
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  3. DarkLord1020

    Dave Warren Guest

    In message <>
    I'd start with restoring a backup from before you started making
    Dave Warren, Apr 15, 2009
  4. DarkLord1020

    Pauli Taglia Guest

    Backup? What's THAT?

    Oh yeah, that's the thing folks think of doing AFTER a situation
    arises when they could have used it.
    Pauli Taglia, Apr 15, 2009
  5. DarkLord1020

    f/fgeorge Guest

    One easy answer is the way the two harddrives are formatted. If the
    drive on the XP machine is fat32 and the Vista machine NTFS then you
    will see what you are seeing. You are also talking 32 bit XP and 64
    bit Vista, why would you expect them to be identical? I say stop what
    you are doing and do some more research, this is probably normal and
    you are making a mountain out of a molehill. If the 32 bit files were
    EXACTLY the same as the 64 bit files, why have 2 versions? If you try
    to download almost anything it asks 32 bit or 64 bit, xp or vista,
    windows or linux, etc etc!
    f/fgeorge, Apr 15, 2009
  6. DarkLord1020


    Dec 30, 2009
    Likes Received:
    All of your responses are highly ignorant and assuming.

    I have this same problem and have found the exact thing going wrong.

    run an elevated command prompt (running with admin privileges, either right click > run as admin or taskmgr > File > Run...) and type "sfc /scannow"

    if you get an error somewhere in here that windows cannot fix, it is not your fault.

    It is because of an error with Microsofts C++ Redest 2005 and 2008 packages.
    they sent out updates that dont always install okay
    i switch between my dual boot vista x64 and 7 x64 and programs like Encore and Aegi no longer work because of the side-by-side config.

    blame dodgy installs
    uninstall the C++ packages and run an update to try and reinstall them :)

    dont blame yourself cause frankly you havent done anything stupid :p
    Yiu, Dec 30, 2009
  7. DarkLord1020


    Dec 20, 2010
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    Thank you so much for not being so nooby and blaming perfectly good people for stuff they didn't do! FINALLY!!:D
    minicl55, Dec 20, 2010
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